Young Black Republicans for Trump

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

I was exposed to a video of young excited African American Republicans awaiting a luncheon in Washington D.C. with President Trump. These young adults were well dressed and appeared to be extremely intelligent and proud of the conservative views they shared. Maybe it was my imagination or subjective opinion, but it seemed they thought they felt they were above or better than other people of their race.

I truly sensed a condescending and patronizing air among most of the crowd with many commenting on how well dressed they were (with no signs of sagging), and that they considered themselves to be well spoken and highly educated. Make no mistake, I do not ‘hate’ and found them to be an impressive group of African American youth; however, they seemed to be disingenuous, lacking in sincerity and humbleness. I likened them to a pack of peacocks strutting around seeking attention and adulation, literally calling out to those around them to look at them.

I wasn’t appalled by their choice to be Republicans but how they continuously expressed how honored and elated they were to be having lunch with a great and honorable president and how much he has done to improve this country—while at the same time criticizing former President Barack Obama. I was taken aback because this same president they are showering with accolades has shown his disdain and lack of concern for African Americans, other ethnicities, and women. His policies unapologetically favor the wealthy and big business. He has proven to be a pathological liar, and has almost singlehandedly fueled racial tensions that are bringing about divisiveness in this country. His base support group consists of White nationalists, neo Nazis, and alt-White (all White supremacy groups). I find it quite ironic how young African Americans can believe that Trump has their or any African American citizen’s best interests in consideration in the long run.

Most would adamantly proclaim that anyone with any sense of respect, integrity, decency, or morals should disassociate themselves from this vile and unscrupulous president. Let’s stop playing games, it is quite apparent that a great number of his White supporters agree with him personally; he acts as their mouthpiece, promoting things they personally believe but won’t vocalize. They fear being ostracized or considered racist if they verbalized these thoughts. However, this hasn’t stopped some of his staunchest supporters from showing their true colors of racism and hate. Be a Republican if you must but flaunting Donald Trump as the model of what the Republicans should be lessens the party’s credibility to many Americans.

If you truly feel that the state of the economy overshadows this president’s mendacious, racist, amoral and unscrupulous actions, then you may need to reevaluate who you really are. Have you become so encased in the materialistic and power driven world—one that tells you your own personal, selfish gains should come at whatever the price with no regard for others? Unfortunately, there are some citizens who can honestly testify that this is where they are at this time.

It can be assumed that many ambitious self-serving young Blacks position themselves as Republicans hoping to get an edge in a White controlled America that rewards a handful of Blacks who adhere to their oppressive systemic policies with unswerving allegiance. Unfortunately, some of these young Black Republicans subconsciously feel special and superior to other Blacks, because they believe it is about self-gain regardless of the cost to others. Some would even go as far as saying these youth are ignorant, brainwashed, and lacking knowledge of their history—therefore manifesting self-hate for their race.

Republicans don’t have to apologize for being Republicans, but is their allegiance to this president worth selling their souls? Many Americans would quickly agree that Trump is not the one to idolize or unabashedly follow. I would ask that these young Black Republicans take some time and do their homework, especially when it comes to supporting some Republicans who are no good for the public or the party they claim to represent.

It is highly contentious among many African Americans that the Democratic Party has taken our votes for granted, offering us subsidies and what many call handouts keeping us in a subservient position but never offering policies or positions of true empowerment. But when you look at the Republican Party, its policies and platforms are basically for the wealthy and big corporations in which you find very few people of color. The Republican Party’s staunch conservative views are seen by many hard-working African Americans as being more conducive to keeping a historically oppressive group in power. In plain terms, it seems the main objective is to keep the playing field stacked, making outcomes advantageous for only a select few.

Both major political parties have their share of flaws. But at least as it stands, the Democratic Party with its liberal views does offer the poor, middle class, and disadvantaged, hope and promise of change that can resonate to all Americans. I hope this country hasn’t taught young African Americans to believe that they have successfully arrived when they think they are better than the most marginalized and disenfranchised of their race. Success is not about superiority but being in a position to help others. It’s great to live in a country of free choice, but I ask that young Black Republicans do their homework, learn their history and make sure that they are not being used as puppets or pawns by shrewd manipulators with hidden agendas.