Expressions of faith: Spirit of the Living God

Last updated on December 7th, 2018 at 05:11 pm

Dr. Monterey D. Lee, Sr

The Spirit of the Living God is better recognized as the Spirit of Jehovah. Isaiah 61: 1-3 says: “The Spirit of the Lord Jehovah is upon me; because Jehovah has anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he has set me to bind up the broken hearted, and to proclaim liberty to the captives.”

The Holy Spirit here is spoken of as the Spirit of Jehovah because of the relation in which God himself is spoken of in this connection. The covenant God has with Israel would set them free because Jehovah is the God of Israel. Israel’s lord, as we know Him, is a covenant keeping God. This name of the Spirit is even more expressive as we enter a divine relationship with a covenant God. The Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah, and the spirit of the Living God. In 2 Corinthians 3:6 the word says: “For as much as you are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered to all people, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the Living God; not in tablets of stone, but in fleshly tablets of the heart.”

What is the significance of this name? It is made clear by the context. The Apostle Paul is drawing a contrast between the Word of God written with ink on tablets and the Word of God written in our hearts—by the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of the Living God, because He makes God a living reality in our personal experiences instead of a mere intellectual concept.

There are many who believe in God, and who are perfectly orthodox in their conception of God. After all, God is to them only an intellectual, theological, and propitiation. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to make God something vastly more than a theological notion, or intellectual concept.

No matter how orthodox one may be, He is the spirit of the Living God. He is the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah. He is the God that keeps covenants, and it is He who works to make men free as they believe in the power and love of the Living God.

Do you have a real God in your life? One that you worship, serve, love, believe in, and hold fast to? The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Living God, and He is able and ready to give to you a free life to worship, serve and glorify Him. In order to make God real in your life, one must have a personal experience. There are many who have a God who once lived, acted, and spoke—a God who lived and acted at the concern of the universe. In the days of Moses and Elijah, Jesus Christ and the Apostles existed and dwelt among them. He created man and indwelled in them to be the sons of God. He spoke through them. Lives were changed, and many were saved. We may read in the Bible what He spoke to those mighty men of valor, and as He spoke to them, they moved upon His word. Is He speaking to you today? Do you have a relationship with Him? Is the work of the Holy Spirit active in your life, to let the world know that the Spirit of the Living God is alive in you?

Happy is the man who knows the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of the Living God, and who consequently has a real God, a God who lives today—a God upon whom we can depend, an unchangeable God, a God who enjoys intimate personal fellowship with the believer, a God to whom He may raise up His people and make them victorious in Him.

“For you are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwells in you. Not if any man has not the Spirit of Christ, they are none of Him,” Romans 8:9-10. So allow the Spirit of Jehovah the Living God to dwell in you and keep you as you go forward in Him.

(Dr. Monterey D. Lee, Sr. is the pastor of Celebration Christian Center, Inc.)