Ridehail connections to WeGo Public Transit and Music City Star made easy

Nashville public transit users will now be able to seamlessly plan, book and pay for an Uber or Lyft ride that connects to WeGo, with Transit’s new trip planning upgrade.

Transit, the leading app for WeGo Public Transit bus tracking and trip planning has a new feature that makes it easier than ever for riders to connect to public transportation, Transit+.

Sometimes, transit service doesn’t go exactly where riders need it to go—leaving people stuck with slow transfers or a 40-minute walk to the bus or train. That’s why Transit is unveiling Transit+.

Users can already plan a-to-b trips in the app using different options like transit and Nashville B-cycle. Now, they’ll also see trip suggestions for certain trips that include taking an Uber or Lyft part of the way, and connecting with WeGo Public Transit bus service or Music City Star train service.

This first-of-its kind feature allows users to plan, book, and pay for a ride from either Uber or Lyft, while getting real-time updates on their bus or train connection—all in one app.

“We are excited Transit has selected Nashville as an initial launch market for this product,” said WeGo CEO Steve Bland.

“Two of WeGo Public Transit’s key goals are to make riding public transit simpler, and to integrate our system with other modes of transportation in as seamless a manner as possible. We think this new product innovation by Transit hits the bulls eye on both.”

In addition to allowing users to plan trips that merge a car ride with public transportation, Transit is also now including multiple ridehail operators, such as Uber and Lyft.

This helps ensure that users can see all the ways to get around, reducing waiting times and allowing them to compare their options for connecting to transit.

“Our mission at Transit is to make it easy to get from a to b without your own car,” said Jake Sion, Transit COO.

“By connecting Uber and Lyft seamlessly with WeGo Public Transit and Music City Star service, we’re promoting ridehail as a vital first- and last-mile link to reduce congestion, rather than worsen it. [This] brings the future of transportation closer to reality in Nashville.”

In the near future, Transit’s multimodal trip planner will also begin suggesting trips that combine transit with other options that users can already find in the app to take short trips, like bikeshare.