City introduces web-based application for infrastructure construction projects

NashDigs offers the public and construction companies insight into ongoing construction projects.

Over the past year, the office of Mayor David Briley has guided efforts to build NashDigs, a new web-based software that uses state-of-the-art mapping technology to provide insights into utility construction projects that affect Nashville’s roads, sidewalks and sewers.

NashDigs offers two valuable opportunities: For residents seeking information on infrastructure projects that might impact them, NashDigs’ powerful map viewer delivers project data, updated nightly. For construction project owners, NashDigs provides a means to coordinate activities with other construction projects.

The goal of the application is to improve project sequencing and collaboration using mapping technology to find when construction projects align or are in conflict with each other, or with scheduled events. When conflicts are found, the application notifies projects’ contacts so that efforts can be reviewed and coordinated.

“This tool is helping Metro Government save money on projects by pinpointing conflicts that can delay construction projects or tear up roads or sidewalks multiple times,” said Keith Durbin, Metro’s Chief Information Officer. “This gives stakeholders opportunities to plan for coordinated solutions long before ground and neighborhoods are disturbed.”

The public can access NashDigs without special log-ins or technical knowledge, by visiting from any device with an Internet connection.

The website can determine the user’s location with the click of a button, and pull up nearby utility construction projects such as road repaving, sidewalk installation, or water main repair. NashDigs can also filter projects by project type (such as sewer, sidewalk, etc.), date range and impacted council districts, or display a list of all projects. From there, the user can submit project questions directly to Metro or utility representatives responsible for a given project.

Currently, the NashDigs public viewer provides access to information on projects from Public Works, Metro Water Services and Information Technology Services, with projects from more organizations to be added in the coming months.

NashDigs is powered by Metro Information Technology Services (ITS, the central provider of IT systems, services and solutions to over 60 Metro Government departments and agencies