Local leaders speak names of 2018 Davidson County shooting victims on six year Sandy Hook shooting anniversary

2017 gun violence victims’ ceremony. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Middle Tennessee chapter, will gather Sunday on the six year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting to honor 2018 gun violence victims.

Nashville leaders will speak the names of Davidson County residents who died in shootings in 2018. This is one of over 200 events across the country calling on lawmakers to act.

Volunteers with the Middle Tennessee chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America will gather Sunday, December 9, to honor the children and educators who died in the Sandy Hook School shooting six years ago, and to speak the names of Davidson County persons who died in shootings in 2018.

Nashville elected officials, community activists, medical professionals and first responders will recite names and light candles for the Sandy Hook children and educators, Davidson County 2018 homicide victims, Tennessee children who died in unintentional shootings or because firearms were not properly stored, and veterans and others who ended their lives using firearms. There will be extra candles for guests to light in memory of loved ones lost to gun violence, no matter the year. A community potluck dinner will immediately follow the service. The public is welcome.

Jeannie Hunter, a Nashville gun violence survivor issued this statement: “When someone dies in a shooting, the sadness and loss ripples past the person’s family and friends circle forever. Especially at holiday times, survivors want us to remember and speak the name of their loved one. I’m a survivor and knowing that others in my community will hear my cousin’s name one more time, is comforting. Our Creator, the greatest of comforters, would have us do so for each other.”