Mary is visited by an angel

Min. Delores Brown

During King Herod’s reign, a young woman lived in Galilee, in the town of Nazareth. Her name was Mary, and she was betrothed to a young carpenter called Joseph. One morning an angel appeared to Mary. “Do not be afraid, Mary,” he said.

“The Lord has sent me with a message for you. He has chosen to honor you above all women. Soon you will bear a son, whom you will name Jesus. He will be called the Son of the Most High, and his kingdom will last forever.”

“How can this be,” asked Mary in wonder, “since I am a virgin?” And the angel told her: “The power of the Holy Spirit shall come upon you, and you shall bear the Son of God.”

Mary bowed her head. “I am the servant of the Lord, “she replied. “It shall be as you have said.”

The greatest gift is not under your tree, the greatest gift is God’s unconditional “Agape Love, to us.”

As we approach the Savior’s birth, cherish the ultimate gift that keeps on giving, even after the season is over.
Merry Christmas

(Min. Delores Brown (Lois) is the head of The Prayer Faith and Healing Ministry. Visit their website at .)