Join the Afropreneurial Community Eat and Greet

Attendees at a recent Afropreneurial Community group Meet and Greet.

Status: Melanated presents the 6th installment of the Afropreneurial Community Eat and Greet on Monday, January 7, 2019. Their theme is ”New Year, Better Me” where they will discuss how to build your healthiest selves in 2019 and beyond. The Afropreneurial Community (AC) is a group of potential, seasoned and serial entrepreneurs who come together to teach, learn, and inspire.

Afropreneurial Community (AC) was created by the creators of Status: Melanated because there is a need for sustainable and supporting networking among Nashville’s Black business owners. Afropreneurial Community wants to create opportunity and growth via collaborative networking. At AC they are creating a community where they invest in each other and their community.

Come join in the talk, share and learn how to become staples in our local, national and world communities. Help create a world-class business affiliation in Nashville…join in. This sixth installment of their networking event is about Self-care and how and when you need to partake in it. They will have a panel discussing aspects of how to have a healthy life in 2019 and beyond.

The Afropreneurial Community Eat and Greet features several exciting and informative panelists and speakers, including Mbombo Kazadi, Ambrose Leburu, and Dylesia Barner.

Mbombo Kazadi of ScorExcel will demonstrate how to be financially healthy and how to keep that credit score up in 2019 and beyond. Her mission is to help people gain control of their credit while building financial confidence.

Ambrose Leburu of Doerz Motivation will demonstrate how to be physically healthy and how to stay motivated in 2019 and beyond. Born in Botswana and raised in South Africa, he has been a leader from the beginning. Ever the encourager, motivator and go-to guy, from playing on the soccer field to serving in the United States Army to fitness coaching, he’s always been one to stand out amongst his peers.

Dylesia Barner is one of the panelists for the Afropreneurial Eat and Greet.

Mental health is essential to creating our healthiest selves, but unfortunately mental health does not get talked about like it should in our community. Let’s help change that. Dylesia Barner of Trap Therapist is a psychotherapist in Nashville that advocates for mental health in our community. Dylesia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a MSW from Norfolk State after her BS in Communication from Old Dominion. Her clinical experience includes work with adults, couples, families, and youth as an in-home therapist, private practice psychotherapist, assessment counselor, group therapist, and bereavement counselor. Her research interests include interventions with spiritual abuse victims.

AC is for anyone either thinking about entrepreneurship or fully immersed in a business. They are bringing community together via mutual investment and support. Their expectations include: (1) Creating a place where entrepreneurs come together to teach, learn and inspire; (2) Asking you to join and participate in their quarterly informal gatherings in order to share and enjoy discussions related to business startup and growth; and (3) Professional networking with you and others to support each other’s businesses. Remember, their events are open to the public to grow, make friends, and develop your professional networks. The bigger the network the bigger their success, so help them create something bigger than all of us.

The event will be held at The Loading Dock, 2028 Lindell Ave, Nashville, Tennessee 37203 from 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM. The deadline to claim your spot is 12 Noon the day before the event but they will have extra tix for day of. The dress code is dressy casual preferred, i.e. button down and clean slacks or jeans for men and dress or blouse and skirt / pants for women. Appetizers and drinks will be featured on the menu for the evening. The Loading Dock is part of the relocated Fort Houston, and sits behind the MacAuthority off I-65 at Wedgewood Avenue.