Nehemiah Missionary Baptist Church holds annual Christmas dinner and last minute toy store

Nehemiah MBC first lady, Elizabeth Hunter (left), looks on as one lucky child receives a gift bag.

On December 16 Nehemiah Missionary Baptist Church held its annual Christmas dinner, with a Last Minute Toy Store. Before the dinner, Nehemiah’s pastor, Reverend Thomas E. Hunter, Sr. preached on the unusual nature of Christmas and his church.

Nehemiah worships in the Andrew Jackson, Boys and Girls Club because that’s where God has called them to be.

“God gave us a different kind of zeal, we are unusual,” said Pastor Hunter. “We are not set up like your typical house. God didn’t build us in a usual way”.

The church holds its services in the “unusual” setting because they want to be where the need is greatest.

Pastor Hunter also discussed another unusual setting-the place and circumstances of Jesus’ birth. Pastor Hunter pointed out that Jesus wasn’t born into this world in the usual way – just like Nehemiah Missionary Baptist Church.

During the service, Pastor Thomas Hunter put out the call for unusual people. According to him, things have to be out of the ordinary, or “unusual”, in order to be extraordinary.

Nehemiah Missionary Baptist Church is nothing short of extraordinary. As a small church, they “pack a large punch” in the community.

Pastor Hunter says that “Christ designed the church to walk with people regardless of where they are in life. It is our goal as a church to walk with you,”

Thus, on this occasion, the church not only provided gifts for Christmas but also “help with gifts beyond Christmas” in preparing those from the surrounding community with year-round assistance. Nehemiah has teamed up with many other organizations to help community members with continuing education as well

Biblically based training and mentoring relationships to help those in need find dignity and purpose through meaningful work.
After the service, the church held its annual Christmas dinner followed by a last minute toy store where parents with need were able to pick toys for their children.