Juvenile Court Clerk Lonnell Matthews, Jr. announces new business relationship with oldest African American bank

Juvenile Court Clerk Lonnell Matthews, Jr. with Citizens Savings Bank President/CEO Sergio Ora.

To make certain the Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office is intentional about achieving an inclusive agenda, Clerk Lonnell Matthews, Jr. announced a new business relationship with Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company to deposit and hold Victim Compensation Trust Accounts at as culturally significant financial institution.

Currently the Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office deposits Victim Compensation Trust Accounts with four financial institutions in the Nashville community: Pinnacle Bank, Synovus Bank, Renasant Bank and Cedarstone Bank. These institutions continue to provide the Clerk’s Office, and the youth that benefit from these trust accounts, with great service. This additional business relationship is happening because Clerk Matthews sees an opportunity to practice diversity and inclusion in this part of his office’s operations.

“As I have looked at the operational practices of the Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office, I have noticed a business opportunity to be more diverse and inclusive. Celebrating its 115th year, Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company is the oldest African American owned bank in the country.

This historic financial institution sitting in the heart of Nashville has never been given the opportunity to partner with the Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office and hold these accounts. Beginning in February this will change. It is time to put our money where our mouth is, when it comes to diversity, inclusion and equity,” said Matthews. “I was motivated by the action of the Metro Council and Mayor Briley on the Equal Opportunity Business Program. As a leader of a quasi-governmental agency, I want to encourage other quasi-governmental agencies like MNPS, MDHA, Airport Authority, Convention Center Authority, Hospital Authority and others to adopt language and practices that are comparable or better than what Metro has adopted for their operational and procurement practices, if they have not already done so.”

Mayor Briley and the Metro Council recently passed and approved a new Equal Opportunity Business Program (EOB) that should level the playing field for women and minority-owned businesses trying to do business with Metro Government. Although most constitutional offices and quasi-governmental departments in Metro Government are not directly regulated by this program, it is good practice for these quasi-governmental agencies to align their policies with Metro Government.

Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company, who has done separate business with Metro Government in the past, is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with a Metro Agency that they have not worked with in the past.

Sergio Ora, Citizens Savings Bank president/CEO said: “We, at Citizens, are privileged to partner with the Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office in fostering diversity and inclusion in its operations. We are grateful to Clerk Lonnell Matthews, Jr. for giving us the opportunity to participate in this important endeavor.”