NAACP hosts 18th annual Legislative Day on the Hill

Tennessee State Conference NAACP President Gloria Sweet-Love (c), surrounded by attending NAACP members and children.

The Tennessee State Conference NAACP hosted its 18th annual Legislative Day on the Hill on February 19. Conference members spent the day learning more about the legislative process and how they can get involved, as well as discussing current legislation and important issues.

“We have come to observe the legislative process, meet our legislators, attend committee meetings and give our input to the laws that govern each of us in the state of Tennessee,” said Tennessee State Conference NAACP President Gloria Sweet-Love.

Celebrating its 110th year of being the nation’s oldest largest and most widely recognized grassroots-based civil rights organization, the NAACP is focused on disparities in economics, health care, education, voter empowerment, and the criminal justice system, while continuing its role as legal advocate for civil rights issues.

“For 110 years the NAACP has pushed the nation toward justice and equality and we must continue,” said President Sweet-Love. “Our fight for Civil Rights and Social Justice is not the work of the past, but a constant and daily struggle to make our democracy work for all persons.”

Sweet-Love also expressed concern over the State Legislature attempt to weaken the authority of the Nashville police Community Oversight Board, that was overwhelmingly voted for in a special referendum.

“It appears that they are trying to go around the democratic process when the citizens have spoken,” she said.