Why we continue to be ‘played’ by Trump Administration

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Time and time again, we have been shown the reality of what we presume to be the highest office in today’s world, but there still remain those who appear oblivious to the obvious truth. But the truth can be circumvented or just ignored when we live in a country where we are entitled to our own opinions and are able to exercise freedom of speech. That is not to say there is no occasional backlash and consequences from public condemnation, regarding one’s views or opinions.

Regardless of our differences, we are taught to remain humane and respectful to each other, however hard it may be at times. The American public is experiencing a huge disconnect with how they view President Trump. This is only exacerbated when his myopic followers fail to see the president’s shortcomings and seem to rubberstamp everything he does. His lack of morals and bouts of flagrant racism are becoming commonplace among many Republicans in political and social circles. But make no mistake, his behavior should be unacceptable to any major political party.

Sometimes one is forced to consider if being overly polite and politically correct isn’t a deterrent or impediment keeping us from going forward and dealing with some of the debilitating truths or lies confronting us daily. As it stands now, some of the ugly demons that visit us daily are given a reprieve, even to the point of bringing attention to incendiary and crippling issues considered treasonous by some.

Often harbingers bring attention to wrongdoings. Improprieties are then vilified or demonized to take the light off the issues presented. Some call these diversions smokescreens.

Some of us are far from being asleep and see this modus operandi as insulting and disrespectful. It needs to be called out for what it is: ‘reverse psychology.’ It makes the accusers or victims the problem. This practice has become more prevalent in the Trump Era, where45 has a loyal base that appears to be impervious to the truth—or just plain don’t care.

It is no secret that some of our elected officials and self-serving community leaders see the public as politically and socially inept or at least asleep. Therefore, they are played until they become unresponsive or unconcerned with the real issues of their lives. Better yet, there are those who prey on the gullibility of the public to believe anything they hear without researching the credibility of data presented them. For the most part, citizens of this country are being played by those with hidden agendas with little if any attempt to hold these people or entities accountable. This is the perfect scenario or setup for major manipulators preying on the naiveté or ignorance of a misled and unknowing populace.

With the Trump Era, you are witnessing an ever-growing number of people who seem to be comfortable with blatant lies and distorted truth with little if any consequences. Even when some of our high profiled leaders are found guilty, they have a base of followers crying ‘foul play’ and claiming political bias. While there was a time as a nation we heralded truth and morality as high tenets, it’s apparent there has been a major shift. Maybe truth and morality were just virtues sold to the American public but maneuvered over by loopholes and legal technicalities by tactful attorneys.

It is natural to concur that our three branches of government (judicial, legislative, and executive) have failed us and are inherently flawed. It should not be a point of contention that a major overhaul is long overdue. Even Stevie Wonder can see that the foxes are guarding the henhouse. Racism, bigotry, and injustices will continue to run rampant in this country unless enough morally concerned and conscious citizens rise up and demand change. Remember the adage: ‘Evil prevails when good people do nothing.’ I truly believe that we have enough legitimately good people in this country to stop the downward spiral of hate, injustice, and racism that seeks to divide and destroy this country. Please commit to joining the fight to save this country.