Jere Baxter provides food to students, community

Volunteers at Jere Baxter Middle School prepare food boxes to feed students and community members.

Jere Baxter Middle School found a creative a way to say thank you to families who participated in parent-teacher conferences during the end of the fall semester. The school teamed up with But God Ministries, a Christian organization, whose mission is to help build sustainable communities around the world through a variety of sponsorship programs.

In collaboration with the national organization, Jere Baxter hosted a food giveaway for families and local community members.

“Being able to do this for our families and our community is a huge deal,” said Dr. Traci Sloss, interim executive principal of Jere Baxter Middle School. “It is also a great way to demonstrate to students the importance of helping others.”

Parents who signed up to participate in parent-teacher conferences were given the opportunity to receive their food items first and were even provided a special box for carrying their food items home. The middle school’s staff worked hard to engage parents more than doubling family involvement for parent-teacher conference day.

The efforts led to more than 240 food boxes given away to Jere Baxter families and any community members who were in need.