Set free from sin

Min. Lois Brown

In Him we have redemption through His blood (Eph. 1:7).

A loving mother who saved her little girl from a burning house received severe burns on her hands and arms. When the girl grew older, not knowing how her mother’s arms and hands had become so scared, the girl was ashamed of those scars, insisting that her mother wear long gloves to cover up the ugliness.

But one day the daughter asked her mother how her hands had become so scarred. The mother for the first time told her the story of how she rescued her from their burning home.The daughter wept tears of gratitude and said: “Oh, Mother, those are beautiful hands, the most beautiful in the world. Don’t ever hide them again!”

Just so, the blood of Christ may seem to be a grim, repulsive subject to those who do not realize it’s true significance. But to those who have been rescued from sin’s chains, Christ’s nail-pierced hands are beautiful beyond measure. They tell us of His love and His willingness to save us regardless of the cost.

Thank you Jesus for the beauty of Your bloodstained Cross.

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