Coming out of our comfort zone

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

All too often, all the devastating occurrences happening around us today can be attributed to our personal lack of intervention or involvement. We are constantly bombarded with personal family, community, local, state, national and international problems and situations that impact us negatively. These episodes could possibly have been averted if we the public had taken a more active role in affecting the outcome.

Make no mistake, there are organizations, businesses, corporations, and self-serving predators monetarily capitalizing on the naiveté or lack of involvement of an apathetic public. The parasitic actions of these clandestine predators are based on the public not fully being aware of what is actually happening. They are literally hoping that the majority of the public is so inundated with the day-to-day rigors of life that they don’t take the time to get involved in the real issues affecting their lives.

Deception and discriminatory practices are made easier for those pushing contentious issues when you have a settled group who may feel they have ‘arrived.’ As long as their personal space is undisturbed, they refuse to become involved in any community or political arena. The ironic part is that too many times these are the main people complaining about the ills and improprieties they see occurring in our society.

We must realize that when we remain quiet and refuse to physically or verbally confront pertinent issues there is the possibility that undesirable outcomes occur that only benefit self serving entities with hidden agendas. The effects of people refusing to engage in social, political, or economic issues can have a negative and detrimental impact on a society. This disregard for many of the outcomes in our society is only proliferated when good people who are complacent in their comfort zones refuse to act or become involved.

There are too many factors to consider concerning one’s lack of involvement in issues affecting our lives. However, becoming complacent and relegated to your comfort zone and alienating yourself about the concerns of others is detrimental to positive and productive outcomes. We must make a concerted effort to come out of what many feel is a safe and predictable comfort zone to effect positive changes in our personal lives and co-existing in the environmental world.

There is no guarantee you will always get what you want, but verbal and physical involvement ups the ante on getting must needed commendable results. You must also remember that while a comfort zone offers one a safe, predictable and exclusive haven—it can prevent personal growth and the benefit of living the fullest life, which comes with individual involvement with others. While comfort zones may be conceived as good or bad, it can be concluded that stepping out of one’s comfort zone is vital for an evolving person.

You have a responsibility to your family, community, and country to do whatever is possible to help bring about a positive difference in the world. Your individual input and participation is invaluable. Remember the adage, ‘No man is an island.’ We need each other. Make an effort to help unite the greater cause of humanity by coming out of your comfort zone.