Amazon donates $10,000 in school supplies to Murrell School and Warner Arts Magnet

Amazon donations to Murrell School: Amazon donated $10,000 worth of school supplies to Murrell School, including everything from bean bag chairs to Legos to fire tablets.

Amazon surprised teachers and students at Warner Arts Magnet Elementary School and Murrell School at Glenn by providing both schools with $10,000 worth of school supplies. The special presentations were made by James Shively, regional operations director for Amazon Logistics.

Murrell School students and teachers check out all of the school supplies donated by Amazon.

“These supplies will ensure that students have the resources to create, invent, learn and imagine to their fullest potential,” Shively said. “Teachers can lesson plan for the upcoming school year knowing they have what they need.”

The principals at each school were equally as excited as teachers and students to see the Amazon trucks arrive to their schools with new supplies. The donations received from Amazon will not only support the academic success of students in Metro Schools but the advancement of social and emotional learning as well.

“Amazon didn’t just say they were going to bring us supplies. They said, ‘you have $10,000. Dream big! Whatever you want, we’ll figure it out,’” said Dr. Ricki Gibbs, principal of Warner Arts Magnet Elementary. “So, we went to Amazon and started ordering.”

Susan Siegel, principal of Murrell School, which serves students with special needs, said she was pleasantly surprised by the donation.

“I was in shock and in disbelief when I first found out about the donation,” Siegel said. “Once I realized Amazon was serious, I was ecstatic. I am very appreciative of their generosity and support for our students at Murrell.”