Corruption, lies, hate permeating the air

While I try to be a positive, optimistic, and spiritual person, I cannot walk around with blinders ignoring the multitude of corruption, lies, treachery, and downright hate that is becoming a staple of acceptance in this country. Sometimes I feel as if I am awakening from a long, deep sleep to a world where things have drastically changed for the worst. Make no mistake, I am not so naive not to know that change is inevitable, but many of the changes occurring around us today tinge on being downright diabolic and undeniably immoral.

There seems to be little if any attempt to truly eradicate the wrongs that we inherently know exist. In fact, it seems to be acceptable to rationalize and justify what we all know is morally wrong and indecent. Many of today’s existing laws have a propensity to surreptitiously support corporate executive criminals with the aid of loopholes existing in legal documents. There is so much deception and dishonesty occurring around us that while occasionally addressing the issues, we are becoming desensitized and accepting of these demoralizing behaviors and practices. This is apparent when we have elected officials or heads of corporations literally filibustering and refusing to answer relevant questions about issues detrimentally affecting the public.

Call it what you will, but it is treasonous the way the American public is being sold out by many of these public servants and corporate heads undergoing Senate investigations when it is clearly obvious they are lying and have hidden agendas. But adding insult to injury occurs when you have supporters (regardless of political party) who support an obviously guilty person by claiming foul play or “party bias.” There seems to be no priority to unravel the truth; therefore, the American public is the losers.

The practices of lying, corruption, and hate have spiraled. People are so caught up in their biases’ confirmation that they are unwilling to accept the truth regardless of the facts presented. Lies and deception contribute to abuse and misuse of public funds. They also cause distrust and animosity among different groups. This is found in every level of government whether it be local, state or national and has a profound effect on the citizens of this country. Those who are using lies to promote hate and discourage unity appear to be winning.

Violators of public trust seem to be obsessed with an insatiable greed for power, money, and materialistic accumulation. They find it attainable by attempting to keep the public alienated. Keeping the public in disarray among themselves is a modus operandi that seems to be effective among esoteric groups and self-serving entities. Orators’ speeches purportedly working in the public’s best interests help the downtrodden and the least among us only when they are put into action.

You must admit that this present administration has played a part as a catalyst in promoting an environment of lies, distrust, immorality, and adulterated hate. It is not about party loyalty, it is about doing the right thing—period. Is selling your soul to support hate and evil, under the auspices of claiming economic gains worth the moral decline of a nation?

We are even taught to win at whatever the cost, regardless of the pain and hurt it may cause others. ‘Winning is everything’ is making everyone losers when lies, hate, and deception are the victors. Will the American people continue to be duped and be complacent by continuing to ride down this immoral road to damnation—or do we have enough spiritual, humanitarian soldiers to rally a fight to save morality? You would think with a country that boasts it was founded on Christian values that the answer would be easy. But was it all just a lie?