Vacation Bible School at Clark Memorial set for June 3-7, 5 pm nightly

Wanda Clay serves as the ‘Griot’ at the Clark Memorial United Methodist Church Vacation Bible School.

The members and neighbors of Clark Memorial United Methodist Church, 1014 14th Ave. N. invite children of all ages and adults to attend Vacation Bible School studies this year. There’s no need to prepare supper this week! From Monday, June 3 through Friday, June 7, registration will begin promptly at 5 pm. Snacks will be served as participants arrive.

Everyone will enjoy an exciting opening as a group, joining in music, dance and sing-a-longs to gear up for a night of learning and sharing.

“The songs are great and everyone gets pretty hyped in the warm up,” said long-time VBS coordinator, Grace Brady. The theme is, ‘Whoosh! Take Flight To Where God Leads You.’ “This year the study centers around the faith of Abraham as he obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he would receive an inheritance. He went out without knowing what to expect.”

As Abingdon Press VBS studies are set up, classes learn about different historical African Americans, a Bible verse and a word that coincides with the studies for each night. Other activities include arts and crafts. The classes are divided into age-appropriate learning groups that start at four years old up to adults. The adult class is just as exciting as the youth classes with great participation.

Each night ends as it begins, with an exciting review with the Griot! I, Wanda Clay, am excited to serve as the Griot each year at Clark. The materials used for VBS are provided by Abingdon Press, and the songs often include a variety of genres: gospel, rap and hip-hop. They are accepted by both the youth and adults as everyone sing and dance along with the song leaders and me. We gather at the beginning and at the end of each night to sing, dance and share what we are learning. Sometimes there are short videos to watch. Following a prayer and dismissal, dinner is served.

“We eat together as we prepare to return the next day,” said Grace. On Friday, a presentation of the week’s work is done to invited guests. Each class is featured, and the crafts are shared as a unit and individually during the last night’s meal together.

“We look forward to another great VBS year!”

VBS pre-registration is available. For more information, call 615-329-4464.

Clark Memorial is located at 1014 14th Ave. N. where the pastor is Rev. Dr. Herbert L. Lester, Jr.

As we approach the end of the school year, the time now becomes the season of vacations. During the summer months of June, July and August, we also see continued learning through summer programs and Vacation Bible School (VBS).

VBS is offered in different forms through a variety of churches. VBS programs range from a weekend, three weekdays to two weeks of nightly activities.

If your church is sponsoring VBS, please email the dates, location, time, and theme to <> to be included in the Church Calendar.