How to Catch A Flying Woman by Actors Bridge Ensemble

The cast of How to Catch a Flying Woman.

Come experience an amazing new play by Cynthia C. Harris, free of charge presented by the Actors Bridge Ensemble in partnership with Nashville Public Library at the Main Nashville Public Library Auditorium, located at 615 Church St. The event runs from 3 pm – 5 pm on Saturday, May 25, 2019 (Memorial Day Weekend).

“I am incredibly excited to debut my latest work, How to Catch a Flying Woman (HTCAFW),” says Harris. “It’s been a long time coming. Here, I’ve written about my experiences in life, love and loss over the past decade. In all my work, I try to get to the essential truth of a thing. I need to understand the experiences that motivate human choices and set us on a certain course. HTCAFW allows us to consider the experience of being a woman with a vision, one that may be challenged familial and cultural pressures to conform rather than soar.”

The talented cast includes Nailah Ajamu, OlaOmi Amoloku, Deyonna (N’biyah) Fairbanks-Duskin, and Tasneem Grace Tewogbola, along with Harris.

HTCAFW is a collection of meditations on flight, presented as a choreo-poem,” continues Harris. “Audience members are not only spectators, but participants in this community ritual of healing and transformation. As a beloved community, it is our responsibility to catch our flying women, should they fall from flight. Flying women inspire and transform everything they touch. Flying women are necessary. Flying women will lead us into the future.”

“We are a training program for new and seasoned actors,” says the group. “We are a theatre company dedicated to telling the stories that need to be told in Nashville. We are committed to taking big risks for the reward of authenticity on stage and in life. We are in love with broadening what is considered theater in our community. We are people who help others find their voice and speak their truths.

“We believe in theater’s power to heal us in a thousand places we may not have realized needed healing. We believe that the theater is a sacred calling: we make a promise to our community to stay emotionally connected in a world that praises going numb. We promise to feel and remind our audiences how good feeling can be. We believe in the ensemble principle. The person you see on stage in one show you will likely see behind the light board in the next. The person selling tickets may also be a budding new playwright. Your usher is likely an aspiring actor.

“Our mission is tell the stories that matter to Nashville as we train theater artists, produce socially conscious plays, create new work, expand what counts as theater in our community, and help artists and audiences find their authentic voice and speak easy on stage and in life. We are the home of Act Like a GRRRL, First Time Stories and the SIDESHOW Fringe Festival.”

Their studio is in Darkhorse Chapel, 4610 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville. For more, phone 615-498-4077 or Email: This production deals with adult themes. Recommended for mature audiences only. Reserve at: