Decisions about women’s reproductive rights

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Alabama passed one of the most controversial and contentious laws in history by negating a woman’s right to make decisions about her body. This sets a dangerous precedent in a woman’s reproductive rights as well as attempting to open the door to legislate one’s morality. Make no mistake, we are setting ourselves up for the dissolution of freedom of choice where the government will control every aspect of our lives dictating what we read, write, or choices in our personal pursuit of happiness.

The Alabama state law against abortion literally stomps on our right of freedom of choice. People are entitled to their personal opinions but forcing them on others under the guise of religion, i.e., Christian, doctrine is wrong. Dictating moral values is highly hypocritical, especially during this Donald Trump Era where many staunch conservative Republicans have made a mockery of supporting moral family values by continuing to support this highly immoral president.

Most Americans personally practice Christian values, but converting others comes from observation (how you live) not forcing your views on others. Punishing others because they don’t agree with you is wrong. The choices a woman makes should be between her and her God. We should also consider that there are other religions in this country. It can be considered disrespectful and dictatorial to legally force them to adhere to our values, customs or practices.

How dare some old, middle-aged, antiquated men in legislative chambers (some who probably have had women in their personal lives receive abortions) dictate that a woman can’t decide what she feels is right for her own body. We do not know what personal, emotional, financial burdens (or immaturity) dictate a woman’s decision whether or not to bring a child into this world. Everyone’s reality is not the same and we don’t always know the psychological and financial pressures a woman may be experiencing. Forcing a woman to have a baby after being the victim of incest, being abused or raped should be unimaginable. Only allowing a woman to abort a baby when the mother’s life is threatened leaves a female with next to no options in regards to her reproductive rights.

Some of the very same legislators adamantly against abortions are forever claiming that entitlements or subsidized programs such as Aid to Dependent Children and Medicaid are draining us dry and should be cut. Make no mistake, it can be considered inhumane to force someone to have a baby they truly do not want. The government has no right to dictate any child grow up under abject poverty, unloved, grossly mistreated or subjected to other harsh cruelties of this world.

Many men can’t begin to imagine the hell some females may encompass in their decision to have a baby or not. The factors are innumerable, and in too many cases the father is in denial and doesn’t want the responsibility of raising a child. Women don’t have the option of playing crazy or other game playing because they are carriers of a child with or without the male. This monumental decision falls on the female alone; therefore, you’ll find many with the opinion that outside forces shouldn’t dictate another person’s choice—unless they are personally willing to help raise the child.

We must also be realistic and cognizant of the reality that many women who are adamant about getting an abortion will find a way, even if it means being at the mercy of illegal back-alley butchers. Many feel strongly that anti-abortion legislators are compromising the health of many women. Sometimes it can be considered more merciful not to have a child than bring him or her into this world where they are unloved, abused, subjected to abject poverty—with some even being relegated into the prison pipeline.

There are those who are quick to fall upon their religious beliefs that life is precious and should be protected at all cost. That can be considered commendable. Therefore, it should be fair to assume these same people are against the death penalty regardless of the severity of the crime committed or against sending men to fight in man-made wars putting them in a position to lose their own lives. In all honesty, we find this not to be true. Some of the same anti-abortion advocates are supporters of the death penalty and sending young men off to fight rich men’s wars. It’s all predicated on power, money, and accruing influence.

The hypocrisy of picking and choosing what we should adhere to morally is mind-boggling. Many of these anti-abortion supporters, some claiming to be conservative Republicans, should look deeply in the mirror and not be so quick to try to force their designated values on others. Sadly, they are quick to overlook other right-to-life issues, which are equally important.

As a country, we are an integrated and diverse population. We shouldn’t be dominated by legislation from predominately old, conservative Eurocentric-orientated, middle-aged White men. The main people whose feelings should take top priority are being ignored. It seems only logical when taking the female’s feelings into consideration, ‘pro-choice’ should be the only viable option. Let God be the judge.