Suggestions for a good music ministry

Lady Corder Chapman

Music staff and choir members should:

  • Be flexible to the ‘flow of the spirit.’
  • Always pay attention to the message from the minister.
  • Be prayerful and read your Bible daily.
  • Always sing appropriate music and at the appropriate time.
  • Be aware of how you look and act in the choir stand.
  • Never wear anything that would hamper you giving God praise and honor.
  • Always arrive to church on time and prepared to serve.
  • Come to church attuned to the Holy Spirit. Pray before leaving home.
  • Smile, look pleasant, and be a spiritual inspiration to the congregation.
  • Have the love of Jesus in your heart (by fasting, praying, meditating, etc.).
  • Watch the ‘flow of the spirit’ and make sure you are a part of that ‘flow.’
  • Give all honor and praise to God (sounding good vs. scripturally sound music).
  • Always honor the pastor and all church activities.
  • Include hymns, praise music, gospel (contemporary and traditional) in your musical selections. Remember you are ministering to the ‘needs’ of many persons in the congregation. So let your songs reflect answers to as many ‘needs’ as possible.

“…and lean not unto thine own understanding,” Proverbs 3:5.

(Lady Corder Chapman is president of the Lady Corder Chapman Conservatory of Gospel Music. You can contact her by email at <> or by phone at 615-337-4707.)