Ten Commandments for choir members

Lady Corder Chapman

Thou shalt not let anything interfere with thy rehearsal and performance commitments

Thou shalt not watch the music so closely that thou canst not follow the director

Thou shalt not unduly criticize thy director or musician to others

Remember the worship services and the Sabbath and lend thy voice in song

Believe in the voice that thou hast inherited; it is thine

Thou shalt not kill the effectiveness of the music for worship by lack of practice or lack of dedication to Christian living

Thou shalt not betroth thyself to the Choir at rehearsal and then dwell in the tents of the Congregation at worship services

Thou shalt not steal the tune from thy partner because thou has not attended rehearsals

Thou shalt not gossip about thy Musician, Director or any other members in thy choir

Thou shalt not covet thy fellow Choir Member’s voice or solo parts – Writer Anonymous

“How amiable are thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts,” Psalm 84:1.

(Lady Corder Chapman is president of the Lady Corder Chapman Conservatory of Gospel Music. You can contact her by email at <themusicladye@yahoo.com> or by phone at 615-337-4707).