Human relations: Commandments for choir members

Lady Corder Chapman

Just like there are commandments by which we as Christians should live, there are also commandments that church choir members should attempt to adhere to. Some of them are as follows:

Thou shalt love people enough to sing
A variety of songs that
Reaches all their needs

Thou shalt develop thy understanding of
The songs you sing so you can sing
With better meaning

Thou shalt compliment the
Leaders as well as the musicians

Thou shalt not get angry when not
Requested to lead a song

Thou shalt not argue with others in
The choirstand at any time

Thou shalt be kind
To all persons

Thou shalt have a sense of humor —
“a merry heart doeth a person much good”

Thou shalt smile when singing
Before the congregation

Thou shalt practice what thou preachest (sing)
If your song mentions praying….
Then you should begin to pray more

Thou shalt arrive to church on time and
Be in your place when service begins — writer anonymous

Putting all of the above Commandments into place immediately will allow the choir members as well as the music staff to work together.
“I will bless the Lord at all times,” Psalms 34:1.

(Lady Corder Chapman is president of the Lady Corder Chapman Conservatory of Gospel Music. Email: <>; or call 615-337-4707).