Summer KICKBACK coming to Jefferson Street July 20

This month there will be an amazing new opportunity to participate in the black businesses on historic Jefferson Street. According to the organizers, this event is to give back to the community, promote local businesses, and to bring awareness/business back to Jefferson Street and surrounding areas. This is a fun family event, free and open to the public.

The Summer Kickback is a new annual one-day event featuring many of the best retail vendors, artist, food, live music, high-end raffles, and more. Vendors such as Aletas Candles and Soaps, Star Smiles, Brittanie Lenell “Yoni Steams”, Scentsy, Shaved Flav, Liyahs Lips, Paulines Gift Baskets, Creative Antiks, Faith Walk Jewels, Jefferson street Museum, Victoria Newman “Message Therapist”, Healthy Hair Connections, Tinc’s and Tonics, Bob’s Fish Fry, Deezies Hot Chicken and more.

The Summer KICKBACK on Jefferson street started as a vision based on the history, love and awareness of the area. These families were woven together by the powerful fabric of North Nashville and to see it developed around them is a great thing.

“But, where do we stand as existing business owners and shareholders of this area?” say the proprietors of the businesses there. “So instead of watching and waiting, we wanted to bring what was once before a thriving community of Music, Economic Empowerment, Business, Family, and Love back to Jefferson Street. And we aren’t stopping here,” was the emphatic answer.

So, you are encouraged to come out on Saturday, July the 20th, beginning at 11:00 am and continuing until 8:00 pm and join in the event, starting at the festival entrance at 28th and Jefferson. Let’s ‘Give Back’ while we KICKBACK on Jefferson Street.