Abstract artist Henry L. Jones wins award in exhibit

Artist Henry L. Jones (photo by Frederick W. Yette)

Creating art is one of the most difficult professions. People will buy bread before some artwork. But artists still find a way to thrive. If you’re an artist who makes abstract artwork it’s even more difficult because viewers sometimes aren’t sure what they’re looking at. Local abstract artist Henry L. Jones embraced the challenge and loves creating abstract images. Jones won entrance into a juried group art exhibit at the Centennial Art Center.

The exhibition, ‘InterACTive,’ was where his art sculpture and painting were accepted. The purpose of the show was to encourage center guests to actually touch the displayed work. They had to interact. This is unusual because typically can’t touched art on display. Jones won the People Choice Award in ‘InterACTive.’

Also, recently this artist won entrance into another juried exhibit at the Todd Art Gallery on Middle Tennessee State University’s campus. That exhibit was ‘Conversation: Untold Stories,’ which was curated by Leroy and Dr. Barbara Hodges. The exhibit ‘Conversation: Untold Stories’ is a collaborative group art exhibition of local & regional artists designed to give something of meaning to the art audience by inspiring, engaging, and educating them with the story.  Artists included: Leroy Hodges, Jr., Dr. Barbara Hodges, Michael McBride, James Threalkill, Carlton Wilkinson, Dayo Johnson, Destiney Powell, Michael Mucker, Diane Stockard, Jennifer McGuire, Heloise Shilstat, Ginny Togrye, Henry L. Jones, Lakesha Moore, and Walter Pope. This exhibit ended on August 17, 2019. Jones, an alumnus of Fisk University, continues creating more abstract projects for future exhibits.