Cummings, Hockett, Buggs and Southhall endorse Kyonztè Toombs for District 2

Kyonztè Toombs

Of those in a local race for the Council seat in the 2nd district. Kyonztè Toombs is headed into the runoff election against the incumbent, DeCosta Hastings.

Toombs recently received the endorsement of Dr. Judy Cummings, Senior Pastor of New Covenant Christian Church. Dr. Cummings said, “Voting is one of our most important civic obligations. Deciding who we choose to elect to represent us is critical to our city’s success. The decisions of Metro Council impact our everyday lives from funding for teacher raises and educational resources to sidewalks and development. Kyonztè’s expertise as a government attorney will serve District 2 well. We need people like her with integrity and vision on the Council.” Dr. Cummings continued, “She is also a wife, mother, and trusted community leader. I encourage everyone to get out and cast your vote for Kyonztè Toombs. Remember, Toombs for Two!”

Christiane Buggs, MNPS Board Vice-Chair, also announced her endorsement and long-time support of Kyonztè Toombs for Metro Council District 2. “Not only is Mrs. Toombs the PTA president of her children’s school, she is a passionate advocate for all students. She is a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and decisive leader who will vote in ways that support this entire community. Kyonztè will make a wonderful addition to our city council”, Buggs says.

Buggs cites Toombs’ ability to work with and lead her peers as another reason for offering the endorsement. Buggs and Toombs have worked alongside one another as two of the six co-founders of the non-profit organization, The Equity Alliance.

Former candidates for Metro Council District 2, Yolanda Hockett and Andre Southhall have also announced endorsements of Kyonztè Toombs for the District 2 seat.

“With proud enthusiasm, I endorse Kyonztè Toombs’ campaign for District Two councilwoman,” Yolanda Hockett said. “Since Kyonztè announced her candidacy, I have seen her work hard to earn the vote of the great people who live in our district. She values the character and history of our neighborhoods and supports responsible development that seeks out and values the community’s voice. As a state attorney, Kyonztè’s experience working with diverse partners in government and drafting and advising on legislation makes her an ideal councilwoman. Everyone who voted for me and Kyonztè voted for a change in leadership in District 2. Kyonztè will be the change in leadership. I support her vision for the district, and I urge all of my supporters to vote for Kyonztè Toombs.”

Mr. Southhall is the proprietor for Supreme Choppers, a high-end creative style barbershop, who suspended his campaign earlier in the summer. “I’ve always admired Ms. Toombs, ever since I first met her. After carefully evaluating both remaining candidates for District 2 councilperson, I have made the decision to officially endorse Kyonztè Toombs,” Andre Southhall said. “District 2 needs the most qualified people to guide them in the future, and Toombs fits the bill. I have particularly admired her knowledge of Metro government and level-headed thoughtful approach to issues. I ask all of my friends, family and supporters to vote for Kyonztè Toombs.”

Election Day is on September 12th. Early voting is from August 23rd through September 7th.

Biography: Kyonztè Toombs graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2001 and 2004 with her Bachelor of Arts Degree in African-American Studies and her law degree, respectively. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Emory University and a Master’s Degree in Tax Law (LLM) from the University of Alabama. She has practiced law for nearly 15 years and currently works as a managing attorney for the State of Tennessee. Her office is in MetroCenter. Kyonztè has been involved in the Nashville community for over 20 years during which time she has received numerous awards and recognitions.

Toombs lives in District 2 with her husband of nearly 9 years and 4 children.

Over 16 different organizations and elected officials have endorsed her run for the District 2 seat.

Toombs said, “We are looking forward to challenging DeCosta Hastings in the run-off on Election Day.”

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