Steve Glover running for council at-large

Steve Glover

Steve Glover has been on the Metro Council for eight years. He is one of eight candidates who is in a run-off election for four positions for council at-large.

“Our city is growing, and it is important that we keep and elect leaders who care about the people and our community—not just downtown,” said Glover. “I was the councilman who led the charge to keep Metro General open when Mayor Berry was pushing to close the facility. We must realize that there are those who can’t afford the high cost of health care. Metro General provides these necessary services and is a staple in the community.

“We do not have to raise taxes, because we do not have a taxing problem. We have a budgeting and spending problem, and with my financial background, I want to remain on the council to help the council and Mayor’s Office balance the budget. It is important that we set aside funding for fair housing. Certain communities are being squeezed out in the city’s economic boom.
“We must stop cuts to senior’s programs, and we must focus on our Metro Schools. Our children are our future.”

Glover was asked about his position on the fairground, which is a passion of his.

“In 2011, 70% of the voters voted to leave the fairgrounds in its traditional location, and to keep the grounds for flee market vendors. Yet it appears that our city is ignoring the decision of the voters and simply doing what they want to do,” said Glover.

“I will be a voice on the Council for all people. I will work hard to make Nashville a city that all people can be proud of. Today we are spending our money in all the wrong places. There is more to our great city of Nashville than downtown.

“I am here to be a vessel to help facilitate fair growth of our great city.”