Councilman Steve Glover files complaint against Metro Nashville and Executive Order 11 by Mayor Briley

Last updated on September 12th, 2019 at 09:32 am

Steve Glover

Former Councilman Steve Glover has filed his lawsuit against the Metropolitan Government related to Mayor David Briley’s allegedly illegal ‘executive order #011’ signed on Sept. 4.

“I am committed to protecting Nashville and filed this lawsuit to prevent harm to the taxpayers of Davidson County from Mayor Briley’s recent actions and announced unlawful policy improperly restricting Metro employees from complying with state and federal immigration law and with officials with I.C.E. related activities,” said Glover.

Glover fears Metro’s violations of Tenn. Code Ann. §7-68-103 will cause Metro to lose over 1,000 new jobs and millions in grant funding from the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.

“Mayor Briley’s irresponsible actions put these jobs and funds in dire jeopardy of E.C.D. funds our state legislator fast-tracked for the benefit of Davidson County,” he said.

Glover held a press conference on the steps of the Metropolitan Courthouse Monday before filing the complaint with the clerk and serving it on the Metro Department of Law.

“Had Mayor Briley not announced this policy by his executive order, I would not have been compelled to spend my own time and money to file this complaint and bring this matter to the court and public’s attention,” he said.

Glover says that he is confident a quick court ruling will protect Nashville taxpayers and prevent the loss of jobs and grant funds due to executive order 11.

“No taxpayer monies will be spent to stop Mayor Briley’s unlawful policy and actions,” he said. “Mayor Briley’s actions violate state law and irresponsibly put Nashville in jeopardy of losing current and future investments in our community. Political grandstanding should not be used to harm citizens and create a culture of lawlessness in our streets.”