Cost of silence

William T. Robinson, Jr.

We are living in a period of time in which turmoil seems to be escalating. It is a time in which there is a serious and climbing loss in upholding decency and morality. There is a rising acceptance of public and social improprieties among people in general that will eventually lead to the downfall of this nation as we know it. There are dire cosmic and universal consequences that will affect us all as a nation if we don’t unite and rectify this impending spiral of moral deterioration and immoral acceptance.

Many of those who we hold in high esteem (whether dignitaries, celebrities, politicians or others in the national spotlight) seem to be exempt or given special treatment from the infractions that would cause the average law-abiding citizen to be ostracized or even incarcerated. Public displays of racism and indecency on the part of some of those in the national spotlight are so prevalent that the shock factor is trivial because the public has become so desensitized to inappropriate and once unacceptable behaviors.

We are living in times when it is a known fact that our three branches of government are infiltrated by those involved in malfeasance. The branches are ineffective and fraudulent in their duties and operations. With all this being known, it is business as usual, mainly because too many citizens choose to acquiesce and literally accept the status quo.

We have known racists and White supremacists who are comfortable nationally spewing their nefarious hatred. Also, some noted elected politicians to sleep with big corporations. They need to be relieved of their positions. There is no shortage of elected officials with self-serving agendas and mandates from big business initiating bills that when enacted cause more division and distrust among Americans. Conflict of interest is being totally ignored.

The preservation of human life seems to be of little concern in comparison to the pursuit of exorbitant profits by big corporations. It seems more people are opting to overlook the abuse of the environment in lieu of more jobs and profits promised by big corporations fighting for deregulation. It is evident that profits trump lives, especially as it relates to the health of people and the environment.

What have we come to when we rationalize and make excuses against making sure our children have a safer and healthier environment in the future? What have we come to when an astronomical national debt awaits our younger generation, partly due to tax cuts for big corporations and the super-rich? What have we come to when we accept immorality and blatant racism as acceptable and commonplace practices by many elected officials? What have we come to when we hesitate to protect the public (especially our school children) against mass shootings by not enacting effective gun legislation (especially the banning of assault weapons that kill many people in a short amount of time)? What have we come to when our televisions and movies are inundated with provocative sex scenes as well as scenes desensitizing the public against acts of excessive brutality and senseless murders. In some, the perpetrators are heralded as heroes. What have we come to when too many churches are taking a blind eye to horrendous crimes, injustices and mounting immoralities engulfing our nation?

Solutions to many of our social, political and environmental ills go unresolved because we have too many decent and good people choosing to ignore problems if they feel it doesn’t personally involve them or invade their comfort zone.

Thus, as the proverb says: “Evil prevails when good people do nothing.” We do not exist in isolation. We all need each other. Putting one’s head in the sand or playing oblivious to the problems surrounding us only allows these problems to swelter and continue.

In the end, we all pay for the silence we manifest. Karma and the ‘chickens coming home to roost’ are the consequences awaiting a nation unwilling to correct its wrongs. Let’s open our eyes and mouths and confront our demons to bring about productive, effective and positive change. The price to pay for silence and acquiescing is upon us.