NMAAM hosts event with Jimmy Church and son Bizz

Meet Jimmy Church and his son Wendell ‘Bizz’ Bigsby at Sips & Stanzas.

The National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) provides educational and informative social programming to illuminate the many connections and influences African American have had on the more than 50 genres and styles of music. Their Sips & Stanzas programs offer a unique experience where diverse professionals meet, listen and have interactive conversations. Once a month, guests mingle with outstanding music leaders who represent all areas of the industry from business, performance, media and more. Guests have the opportunity to network and create a formative interaction with the featured music professionals. Sips & Stanzas provides guests with a fresh perspective on music, musicians and an industry that has been shaped by influential leaders.

NMAAM: Sips & Stanzas Presents A Tale of Music City: A Discussion with Jimmy Church & Wendell “Bizz” Bigsby on Thursday, September 19 from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. The location for the event is the Events at 624 space located at 624 Jefferson Street in Nashville, sharing the building with Music City Cleaners and directly across Jefferson Street from the new Tennessee State Museum.

This will be a highly popular event, as both artists have huge loyal followings. You are encouraged to purchase your tickets early, as soon as you read this, preferably.Tickets are only $5.00 (+ $1.94 Fee) through www.eventbrite.com. All proceeds from your generous additional donations benefit NMAAM programs.
The careers of Jimmy Church and Wendell “Bizz” Bigsby (father and son) truly epitomize why Nashville is “Music City.” One has performed with musical greats such as Bobby Hebb, Johnny Otis, and Jimi Hendrix. The other has opened up for musical icons such as James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and Little Richard. Both are R&B legends that have made names for themselves in Nashville and throughout the nation as exceptional entertainers. From R&B to blues, funk, and pop, these two artists bring forth a rich, soulful sound every time they take the stage.

Join in on Thursday, September 19 for a discussion with Jimmy Church and Bizz on their iconic careers and Nashville’s music scene, along with a live performance by Bizz of selections from his new solo album. The event begins with a Sips & Networking Session from 6:00PM – 6:30PM, followed by the Panel Discussion and a live performance from 6:30PM – 7:45PM and ending with Audience Questions from 7:45PM – 8:00PM.

The National Museum of African American Music plans to hold a grand opening expected in early-to-mid 2020. NMAAM’s story is essential in many ways. While the concept was to marry the celebration and preservation of African American music, a significant aspect of the project is the projected economic impact. As an educational facility, national tourist destination and economic development engine for Middle Tennessee, NMAAM will be a vibrant museum where the youth, artists, and families will find creative and cultural inspiration. A state-of-the-art performance hall will offer films, lectures, and concerts from local to international artists. A library will house a vital repository of digitally mastered African American music and classrooms. A boutique café and store will provide additional ways for the community and visitors to enjoy their visit.

NMAAM: Sips & Stanzas events are hosted off-site and locations vary. Check the NMAAM website www.nmaam.org and/or Facebook page for details, locations, and registration.