Complicity with murder

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Mass murders continue to be an indelible stain on the soul of America. While realistically, we cannot stop murders per se, we can make a big effort to curtail senseless mass shootings by banning assault weapons. Anything less is mitigating the seriousness of the major culprit- assault weapons.

What is it going to take before our elected officials relinquish their allegiance to the NRA and do what they know is right? The numerous deaths of innocent Americans (especially children) killed and gunned down in public venues have proven meaningless in enacting effective gun control legislation. Doesn’t the blood of the injured and slaughtered cry out for redemption? The deaths of innocent individuals must not be in vain.

Yet with all the unimaginable carnage that has taken place, many of our lawmakers are still reluctant and even refusing to pass effective gun control laws. Call it what you want, but by postponing or refusing to act on major gun control legislation, too many politicians have been and continue to be complicit in the deaths and injuries occurred by innocent American citizens. There is not enough rationalizing in the world to keep the average thinking person from knowing that many politicians are in the pockets of the RNA and are foregoing their moral compass to realistically tackle this despicable and ever-rising menace of mass shooting.

It is not enough being politically correct or to use euphemisms to negate the seriousness of this national atrocity. Too many politicians are guilty of complicity in mass shootings when they have had ample time to at least attempt to minimize these occurrences with effective gun control legislation. Extensive, thorough background checks should be a given all applicants. The assumption that only mentally ill people are the perpetrators of these shootings should be questioned.

People who are racists, acting on depraved human emotions, occasionally lash out using weapons that are easily attainable to them. The mere fact that people can utilize assault weapons commonly relegated to warzones or combat fields on the streets of America is inexcusable, especially in light of what is supposed to be a basically civilized and morally competent society.

What many people find so exacerbatingand dishonest is that you have some factions misleading many Americans to believe that there is a movement to eventually remove all firearms from American citizens denying them their constitutional right to bear arms and to protect themselves and their families. Thus many feel they will be put in a position where they are rendered defenseless against criminals seeking to do them or their families harm.

It is ludicrous to think or believe that removing guns, per se, from the public is going to happen.

The truth is that most Americans favor having the right to bear arms for protection—but not assault weapons that kill and cripple numerous individuals in a short period of time. Common sense dictates that a more thorough and timely process is needed to curtail incompetent, mentally ill and questionable people from obtaining guns. But it goes without saying that assault weapons are the main culprits in these mass shootings. They should be banned. The longer lawmakers procrastinate enacting more effective gun control makes these elected officials more complicit in the murdering of innocent Americans.

It is truly sad when money supersedes valuing human lives. Let’s call out and remove those elected officials in the pocket of the NRA. The lives of those gunned down, killed or seriously injured in mass shootings deserve better.

I have a personal, vested interest in seeking effective gun control legislation. My nephew, Taurean Sanderlin, was murdered in the Waffle House mass shooting in Antioch, Tenn. Family and friends of those killed or injured in mass killings should work diligently with the community to make sure their loved ones’ outcomes weren’t in vain. These acts should not be visited upon others. Anything short of passing effective gun control legislation (especially the banning of assault weapons) is complicit in the deaths and mass shootings of the future.