Prayer for healing

Jesus is Lord over my life, sickness/disease has no power over me. (Say the name of the sickness _______________). I command you, (_______________), in the name of Jesus to get away from me. Satan, Jesus is my Lord, In the name of Jesus, I receive healing for (the part of your body) ____________. I declare in the name of Jesus I am well, I receive my healing. Thank you Jesus for healing me. Amen.

God has given us authority over all things that try to come against us in Luke 10:19, and He says that “nothing shall harm or hurt us.”

I challenge you to meditate on healing scriptures and receive your breakthrough. Thank God and give Him all the glory. It does not matter what you are feeling in your body, just continue saying out loud the scriptures daily. Your healing will manifest. As you say scriptures out loud over yourself, your faith will increase. Eventually you will see what you have been saying.

Do not focus on your sickness. Keep your focus on what God says in His word, and act as though you are already healed. Begin to do things you would do if you were healed. (Example: If you have difficulty walking, continue taking small steps and gradually began to increase to one or two more steps every day).

God loves you and He wants you well.

(Note: Additional scriptures on healing are in the article ‘Why Believers in Christ Resist Healing.)