Republican controlled Senate should be ashamed

William T. Robinson, Jr.

One cannot deny that the contentious actions generated by this country’s president continue to proliferate. It compromises our democracy, the foundation of this country. Let’s stop making excuses for the POTUS and acknowledge what anyone who has eyes and ears can see and hear. This POTUS manifests narcissistic characteristics and appears to be impervious to criticism, continuing to appease only his own selfish agenda. He has been able to continue his insulting and questionable endeavors because he is backed by Republicans who refuse to let the pompous, narcissistic emperor know he is parading around naked.

Make no mistake, the president is an embarrassment to our country and a laughing stock to other countries around the world. However, the majority of elected Republicans, especially in the Senate, refuse to acknowledge or condemn his racist tirades and treasonous actions with countries that are not our allies. This is highly disturbing when some of the president’s actions may have jeopardized the safety and security of our country.

I cannot understand how so many of these elected officials who are supposed to have their constituents’ best interests at heart have abandoned them in favor of unrelenting loyalty to this tumultuous, immoral president. He is acting like a spoiled tyrant with no respect for others or constitutional restraints. Can’t people see that the country as a whole loses out when exercising party loyalty is the primary focus? This is especially true under such a narcissistic, immoral leader.

It seems American citizens who feel political party loyalty shouldn’t override what’s in the best interests of the country. They have lost out. But be that as it may, let the truth resonate and let those who have made the choice to sell their souls to the devil know that history will have the final say. What side will they find themselves on? The public is not blind, and many are appalled at the spineless, shameless and insulting Republicans in the Senate who refuse to admonish the president. They simply make excuses for him.

Surely these congressional senators can’t truly think they are respected by the masses? Are they proud of being loyal to a man who has constantly manifested immoral behavior and the traits of being a habitual liar? If he represents Republican values, then they should be revamped. You have the right to be affiliated with whatever political party you feel represents you, but have the backbone and morality to speak out against injustice, immorality and unadulterated lies regardless of the individual or groups within your party supposedly representing you. The moral thing for the Republicans to do at this time is to disavow and disassociate themselves from Trump. They should work for vindication, seeking a more worthy representative. Some would call it damage control.

Probably the saddest part of this scenario is that the Republican-controlled Senate would refuse to impeach the president, regardless of the heinous offenses against him. Truly, how can American citizens respect any of the three branches of government considering how things stand today?

Kudos and respect to the handful of Republican senators who have finally spoken out against the abuse of power and improprieties manifested by the POTUS. This, at least, shows they have a moral compass. Those senators still rationalizing and making excuses for this president are seen as self-serving sycophants. They are insulting the intelligence of American citizens who are impervious to their propaganda.

Some of the adamant supporters of Trump in the Senate have children and grandchildren. They should be cognizant of the message they are sending our youth when it comes to integrity, morality, truth and justice. If using the rising economy as an excuse to overlook the man in the mirror, then Trump supporters are lacking in something that money and prosperity can’t buy. Nonetheless, one is led to wonder how some of our Republican senators can look at themselves in the mirror or sleep at night.

It is apparent the POTUS shows signs of mental illness. Those guilty of supporting him (whether Republican, Democrat or Independent) are complicit in jeopardizing the safety and security of our country. Shame on those elected officials, especially Republican senators in Congress, who are more loyal to this foolish man than their country. We as a nation must continue to pray for those with eyes who refuse to see, or those with ears who refuse to hear the truth.