Enjoy the Jefferson Street Art Crawl on October 26

One Drop Ink featured artist Lakeisha Moore (left) and Michael Mucker (right) hang her art for JSAC. (photo by Elisheba Mrozik)

That crisp fall feeling is in the air and a brisk walk down Historic Jefferson Street is in order. Mark your calendars for the Jefferson Street Art Crawl on Saturday, October 26 from 6-9 pm.

Start your walk at Woodcuts Gallery, a Nashville staple for over 30 years, with the unique needle crafted work of Ludie Amos! Her work with dolls, fabric, and other media is renowned for its detail and focuses on the black experience and her experience from a one room school to the church choir.

Next walk down to One Drop Ink Tattoo for bright and bold art from Lakesha Moore. Moore uses color, size and form to create unique and beautiful pieces commanding attention. Her figurative art draws the eye and use of warm tones invigorates the viewer.

Finally, stroll over to Matthew Walker Health Center next and step into the world of street art. Woke 3 uses traditional media incorporated with the flow of an artist who is comfortable with a spray can to create gripping slice of life work. Lloyd Bonner has an edgy street artist twang seen throughout his work. Colorful characters and strong contrast are seen in his work.

June, 2016 saw the first Jefferson Street Art Crawl, a monthly event organized by North Nashville artists and community members that celebrates historic Jefferson Street and features its artists and businesses. In August 2016, Erica Ciccarone profiled Ludie Amos for Nashville Arts Magazine as Amos was one of the first artists to exhibit for JSAC. In the article Amos noted, “I want people to see the dignity and importance of that person. Don’t look at the conditions. Look at the person. You can extract joy and peace out of almost everything.”

Lakesha Moore, who will be exhibiting at One Drop Ink, is an Assistant Professor in Art Education at Tennessee State University. Lakesha earned her M.F.A. with a focus on painting from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and a B.F.A. from Washington University in St. Louis. She has completed graduate work for education at Lipscomb University and the University of the Virgin Islands. Her commitment to her faith and pursuit of culture study has given her many opportunities to study and travel abroad. Besides painting, her artistic practice is a melding of music, writing and community work. The theme that is central to her paintings is the potential for connection when personal histories are shared and embraced. This is fueled by a strong interest in the role that collective and personal memory have on one’s identity and psyche. At the center of her work are ideas of identity, memory, and belonging. These are inseparable and undeniable in shaping who we are. We are moved by our dreams yet confronted by our realities. Through figurative work and layered landscapes of color and form, we confront ourselves, what we perceive and what is unknown. This is Life in Color.

Woke3 was introduced to graffiti art while a student at Hillwood High School. Growing up in the 37208 zip code informs his work. He says his new series, tentatively titled “37208” is all about his observations of life growing up and living in the neighborhood. He says he frames his inquiry through the questions, “Who are you? Who am I?” He thanks his fellow NORF artist, Keep 3, for exposing him to lyrical music and graffiti, helping him focus on thoughful, reflective expressive art and helping him grow as as artist. Portions of his work will be on display at JSAC.