‘Honeyed’ beauty products — great ‘stocking stuffers’ available at Pop Up Shop

Autumn Shelton

Something new to be considered for ‘stocking stuffers’ could be products from Honeyed Skincare by Autumn Shelton.

In the season of giving and being a little more health conscience, skincare is one of those areas that gifting would be appreciated. ‘Honeyed Lips and Skincare’ are 100% all-natural products. They are hand made with organic and raw ingredients that provide the proper nutrients and moisture for the skin.

Autumn Shelton suffered from skin issues at a young age. She always wondered why her skin was so itchy, irritated and dry, unlike others. She was frustrated to find out that she suffered from Eczema (Atopic dermatitis). However, she found a solution in Honeyed. After many years of doctor visits, prescriptions that would work for short spans of time, unexpected breakouts of inflammation and countless skin issues, Autumn received a skin cream that helped for a while, but just a while.

“My body seemed to become immunized to it, and it didn’t work as great as it used to,” she said. “I also discovered how bad and harmful these creams could be to the skin.”

The creams had chemicals that were later discovered to cause many side effects. She did extensive research about the skin, skin diseases, and medications, but then sought information about natural solutions.

Autumn discovered the use of honey as an ingredient that worked with other natural substances creating a permanent solution to her skin’s reaction. She shared the product with others who suffered from similar difficulties in finding relief to the discomforts resulting from skin diseases. They also found relief. Thus, ‘Honeyed was born.’

“I love the products,” said satisfied customer, Emily Summers. “I purchased the lip balm, skin detox mask, and lip gloss. The balm lasted longer than store brands, the mask leaves my skin silky smooth and the gloss has the perfect amount of shine and isn’t sticky at all. I recommend it to anyone, especially if you have sensitive skin.”

In addition to providing products, Autumn is enthusiastic about providing information about the skin. Her website offers blogs speaking about skin related issues, including answers to frequently asked ‘skin questions’, e.g., soaps and the effects of lathering; tap water and its effects on skin; deodorants; toxins and many other influences on the skin we may not be aware of—and of course, the benefits of unpasteurized honey.

Honeyed products are available through Shelton’s website. However, on November 29, Honeyed will be available through exclusive shopping at a Black Friday Pop Up Shop at the Event Center, 3640 Dickerson Pike, Nashville, from 1-6 pm. For more information on Honeyed Lips and Skincare, check the website.