Profile: Dr. Dana Eckman and the Ivanetta Davis Learning Center

Dr. Dana Eckman

Dr. Dana Eckman is the principal of Ivanetta Davis Learning Center. She was selected as principal when the Center’s name changed from Bordeaux Elementary School to The Bordeaux Early Learning Center in 2014.

“It is an honor to be principal of Ivanetta Davis Center,” said Dr. Eckman.

The Ivanetta Davis Learning Center is named after Mrs. Ivanetta Davis, who lived to be 100 years old and was the principal of Moses McKissick School. She was also the widow of former Tennessee State University President Dr. Walter S. Davis.

“Our focus at the center is preparing the children specifically in social and emotional learning,” said Dr. Eckman. “The center also focuses on developing relationship skills and academic readiness in literary and math.”

The center provides learning for over 156 students but can serve up to 170 students. The center presently has slots available for students with social and emotional needs

“Our goal is to give these students the training and opportunity to learn in the general school room setting,” said Dr. Eckman. “We also focus on providing a class atmosphere that allows for these students to participate and be included with their peers.

“We have a staff of 37 certified teaches, with a paired professional in each class. Our center offers gardening and a library where the students can read and check out books.

“In the Gardening Center, the students learn environment and season change, and the effect it has on plants. The school also offers at least 45 minutes of physical fitness to increase gross motor skills.

“In the past we received funding and support from United Way in our Family Resource Center. I am glad that we have parents who are willing to volunteer and fill in the gap of the one time support from United Way.”

Most of the student are from the Bordeaux area, but the school does have students from Antioch and from around the city.

The school offers complete family style dining plus one snack daily to promote healthy food choices.