Fredrick Weathersby, maestro trumpeter

Fredrick Weathersby

Native Nashvillian Fredrick Weathersby is considered one of the city’s maestro trumpeters and even around the country. As a graduate of the Nashville School of the Arts and Tennessee State University, Fredrick has been afforded many opportunities to perform throughout the world, traveling to destinations like Scotland, New Caledonia and Panama.

Included in his long list of accolades is Fredrick’s glorious opportunity to be the featured trumpeter alongside legendary Blues giant B.B. King and the B.B. King’s All Star Band. He has shared his musical gifts across America, the Mediterranean, the Baltic, the Pacific, and the Caribbean with the King band at least eight times.

Weathersby has toured the United States, performing in festivals like Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tenn. and has made eclectic cameos in the movies Don’t Think Twice (Mike Birbiglia) and The Identical (Dustin Marcellino) with the Indie pop sensation Elel. Since his return to Nashville in June of 2018, he has lead the sophisticated event Monday Night Jazz to success at Mogul’s Barber Shop. He has also been showcased in the Phi Beta Sigma Orchid Ball held inside Music City Center, and was the kick off artist for the first annual Soul in September Festival held at Hadley Park. He will be producer of the event September 2020.

Frederick has managed to infuse his jazz-influenced style of trumpet playing with the mainstream music of countless independent artists in Nashville. Weathersby is also one of the premier musicians during the flavor-filled show curated and hosted by the illustrious Janelle Means and The Soul Vibes Collective. This monthly showcase features some of the amazing veteran musicians and vocalists in this city.

Frederick’s trumpet glistens in the dancing lights, highlighting his charm as an entertainer. Weathersby can also be found in East Nashville performing in Funk Night held on Thursdays at the live music venue Cobra Nashville. He can be found in dynamic dive bars, performing Motown classics for seniors, and in non-profit organizations with the extraordinary vocalist Imari Sensei Heb. Weathersby also rocks fanatic crowds with the Daryl Van Leer Band. We can conclude that Fredrick Weathersby is the epitome of a well-rounded, down-to-earth, ingenious musician. He’s truly one of our native icons.

When asked what impact music has had on his life and what it has taught him as a human, Fredrick calmly and plainly said: “Music is energy. It is joy. It is a light to the soul. Music is also a means through which people of different backgrounds and ideals can be brought together in harmony.”

With titles such as producer, composer, vocalist, pianist, percussionist, trumpeter, music director, brother, son, and dear friend, Fredrick Weathersby has been selected to be producer and band director for an upcoming hit single music release in February 2020.