Nashville native lands sneaker deal with Nike, and sells out

Pictured (l to r): Justin Causey, D’Llisha Davis, John Gotty and Ivan Andrews at the event/panel celebrating the shoe release. (photo by Justin Gamble)

Justin Causey-Bullock, talent artist manager and Nashville native (better known to everyone as Causey or ‘Cauz,’) created a shoe with Nike that sold out this week!

About three months ago, Nike reached out across the nation to find guest designers with unique stories about people who inspire them. Causey credited D’Llisha Davis as his source of inspiration for his shoe. His design was selected as one of the winners, making him an official member of the ‘Nike x WeAreCultivator’ program. The goal of the program is to help bring creators’ stories to life on a much bigger platform.

Davis started a monumental movement in the Nashville hip-hop community. She has run a blog for 10 years called ‘2L’s on a Cloud’ and has set herself up as the voice for the community. Causey felt it right to honor her for being the matriarch of Nashville. He chose the Air Max 95.

Causey’s shoes were supposed to stay on sale until Monday, November 11, at noon but sold out hours before. He celebrated the release on November 1 at ROOTED, (62 Hermitage Ave, Nashville, Tenn. 37210).

At the release, Causey led a panel discussion on being a ‘creative.’ Causey asked Davis and the panel of well-known sneaker enthusiasts John Gottii and Ivan Andrews various questions on what it meant to be a creative in Nashville. He ended the discussion asking them what shoe and album they would choose if presented with a “shoe and album collaboration.” Which album and shoe would you choose? Let us know on our IG page @nashvillepridenewspaper.

“These shoes are a representation of D’Llisha Davis. D’Llisha is the matriarch of Nashville. She uses her creative perspective to help Nashville be seen not only famous for country music, but home to so many other genres and music legends” — Justin Causey Bullock. (photo by Justin Gamble)

Below Causey discusses how he discovered the program and recommends a message for anyone trying to live his or her creative dreams.

When, where and how did you find out that Nike was looking for people like you for their program?

“I was actually at work, and an advertisement came across my timeline and asked me, “ If you could design a shoe for someone who inspires you, would you?” I clicked it, wrote 150 words and sent it off.

“About a month later I was messaged by Nike x WeAreCultivator saying I was selected and my design was due in a certain number of days, that began the design process.”

What fueled you to enter the program?

“Honestly, just optimism. I guess being in the right place at the right time and just taking faith with the moment and saying: “This is something you’ve always wanted to do; go for it.”

What was your initial reaction when you found out they chose you?

“My initial reaction was disbelief. I kept checking my emails in amazement that Nike was contacting me. Leading up to the whole release, it felt surreal—from getting the shoes, planning the event with the @Stay_Rooted family, D’Llisha Davis, John Gotty and Ivan Andrews to even when I was making the announcement via IG. Everybody was just so supportive and proud. I’m just thankful for all the love.”

When did you tell D’Llisha about the shoe?

“I told D’Llisha about the shoe when I first found out I was selected. I made an IG post about it, but I had to take it down due to contractual reasons. I kept D’Llisha in the loop with everything. My hands were tied on certain information because of how tedious Nike is. I had to wait on Nike’s legal team to send paperwork over to use her (D’Llisha) name on the shoe and everything.”

What do you hope to achieve before the year is over?

“I’ve achieved one of my greatest dreams right before my 28th birthday. I honestly feel like that’s the highlight of my 2019—next to having sold out shows with The Squad (AYYYRP s/o BlackCity, FunkyTenn).”

A word of advice for young creatives?

“Nothing is overnight, but everyday you stay on your path, in your lane, on your marathon. You’ll reach your destination and realize how much faith it took you to get there.

“Hold your head up high because you never know who’s waiting to watch it fall.

“Move with love & purpose.”