Judy Bell Hunt recalls over 60 years sewing in Nashville

Judy Bell Hunt

Judy Bell Hunt is one of the most well-known seamstresses in Nashville and has been sewing for over 60 years.

“I just love to sew,” said Hunt, “but I had no clue that my craft would afford me the opportunity to work for the stars.”

Like hundreds in the city today, Ms. Hunt moved to Nashville in 1962 with her husband Ken Hunt. He had a dream of making it big in country music in Nashville.

“We came here with a few items and the clothes on our backs to support my husband’s dream of making it in the music business,” said Ms. Hunt.

“I knew that my sewing talents would help keep food on the table and lights on, but at the time I did not know that it would give me an opportunity to rub elbows with the giants.”

Ms. Hunt has made outfits for some of the greatest names in country music, such as Dolly Pardon, Chet Atkins, Loretta Lynn, the group Alabama, Crystal Gayle, The Dixie Chicks and Hank Locklin.

“I made Charlie Pride’s outfit he wore during his first appearance on television, and for his first album cover,” said Hunt.

“One of my most memorable moments was with Loretta Lynn. I would go to her home in Waverly, Tennessee and measure her. I actually had to travel with her to complete an outfit, minutes before she had to appear on stage at the Grand Ole Opry.

“Sewing is a family trademark as my two daughters, Angie and Sherrie are also seamstress. My daughter Angie and I sew on a daily basis and sometimes the three of us are on the phone talking, stitching and seaming.

“Today the professional artists have their own personal stylists. Show business has changed. We still have customers from around the city and we have the memories and pictures on the wall of all the great artists that we worked with over the years.”