You’re invited to The Meeting

As the Christmas season has quickly approached, also comes Kwanzaa. In celebration of Kwanzaa Nashville, the African Muslim Association of Nashville (AMAN), Muslim American Cultural Association (MACA) and the Great Debate presents The Meeting, a play based on the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malik Shabazz on December 28.

The Kwanzaa date of Dec. 28 is the day of Ujimaa (celebrating collective work and responsibility).

The Meeting will be performed at St. Luke African Methodist Episcopal Church, 901 40th Street at 6 pm. Jared Dalton will play the part of Malcolm X and Keith Pitts will portray Martin Luther King, Jr. with an introduction of Ken Woodard as Rashad. The Meeting is directed by H. Devreux Brady.

This is a play for everyone with the desire to learn and understand the relationship of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Muslim representative and founder of The Great Debate said: “There’s a lot more ‘other’ folks just trying to be human rather then trying to be superior. We want to do a lot more to educate and share information about the Muslim culture as it relates to this world we all live in.”

The Meeting is a sort of kick off to the 4th annual Africana Muslim Conference that will be held in February of 2020. This year a benefit banquet will be an addition to the conference, February 7-9. Because of upgrades, the conference will require additional funding than it has in the past. This play will serve as one of the preparatory fundraisers.

“If you’re from Nigeria or Nashville, from Egypt or Alabama, if the blood of Africa runs through your veins and even if you’re just a part of the general public, you’re welcome! We want to create a spirit of a family reunion,” said Al Hadid. “We want people to know what we were before slavery. The conference is to reconnect with our ancestors in a real sense, not in an abstract sense!” Nevertheless, while more will be said about that connection to the conference, the public is invited and urged to participate in the celebration of Kwanzaa on December 28 by attending The Meeting at St. Luke AME Church at 6 pm. Tickets are available at the Muslim American Cultural Center, 1513 Jefferson Street on Fridays noon-3pm or call 615-431-1707.