Learning to overcome by examples of Jesus (part 1)

Jesus is a great role model for us to follow when it comes to healing of the body. Jesus went about doing good things and healing all kinds of illnesses, diseases and oppressions. The Spirit of God was with Him (Acts 10:38).

Jesus is doing the same healing today as he did thousands of years ago. “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever,” Hebrews 13:8.

He will not change.

As born-again believers, we have the very same power to do what Jesus did. As Jesus is, so are we on the earth (1 John 4: 17). “Greater is He that is within us, than He that is in the world,” 1 John 4:4.

God has also given us His authority to heal the sick, to cast out demons, to trample upon scorpions and snakes and over all powers of the enemy. He said nothing, by any means, will harm or hurt us (Luke 10:19). We have to believe what He says and do like Jesus, and not be afraid. He gives us His protection. He says nothing, nothing will harm or hurt us. What an awesome God we serve.

“But if the same Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead, dwell in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal body (earthly body) through His Spirit who dwells in you,” Romans 8:11.

Take notice of the above scriptures. We were created in the image of Jesus. If we were created in His image, we can do just like Jesus in healing all manner of diseases. In order to do like Jesus did we have to believe that it is Gods’ power that’s inside of us that does the healing. It’s very important to remember that Jesus healed by the power of the Holy Spirit. God anointed Him with the power to heal. As believers in Christ we too are anointed to heal the sick. We cannot do this on our own power. It’s in the name of Jesus that we are able to do these things, through the power of the Holy Spirit within us.

Jesus healed many people that were sick. He healed some that could not hear. He healed some who could not speak. He raised the dead back to life. He healed some who could not walk and healed many of various sicknesses and diseases. We have this very same power available to us right now.