Orlando Boyd, manager, Gospel Radio WENO 760 AM

Orlando Boyd has used his passion and expertise in the radio industry to help spread the gospel and assist gospel artists in their careers. Boyd has also become a trusted name in the radio industry for his managerial style and leadership at WENO 760 AM.

“I started my career as a songwriter and producer,” said Boyd. “I later interned with a Music Entertainment Company. That allowed me to gain experience in the Nashville music industry as a talent scout and artist manager.

“I soon realized that I wanted to do more to help artists gain exposure in the music industry, and I ventured into publishing and created Urban Ground Music magazine in Nashville in 2003.”

While publishing the magazine, Orlando was offered the opportunity to work with many of the local radio stations on promotions and events, which led him to begin working for WQQK-FM Radio in 2004.

“In 2008, I was approached to assist a new ownership group that purchased a Gospel AM radio station in Nashville: WMDB,” said Boyd. “I assumed the general manager’s position, and the station soon earned a reputation for helping artists from across the country launch their career in gospel music.

“I have served as general manager of three different radio stations; I was overseer of Spanish Radio WNVL 1240 AM; I changed radio station WMDB into talk radio, and I created the new brand to WENO 760 AM The Gospel.

“The Gospel station has earned many accolades and awards over the years, including the coveted Stellar Awards Radio Station of the Year in 2013.

“In 2013, I was presented the opportunity to help spearhead and manage the National Broadcast Network Bounce TV in Nashville. I assisted in helping Bounce TV Network gain national success, but in 2019, the Bounce Network no longer wanted to promote local programming. It was decided to end the contract with Bounce TV and to launch a new TV network, AMG-TV.

“AMG-TV will provide great local programming and advertisement for the African American community. I will also be creating an entertainment imprint focusing on audio, video, and music content.”