Learning to overcome by examples of Jesus (part 2)

Let’s look at one example that is recorded in Mark 9:18-23 and also in Luke 8:40-42—the story about the ‘ruler’s daughter.’ Pay attention to what Jesus says, and how He responds and take notice of the people’s response.

While the ruler was talking to Jesus, the people came and told him not to bother Jesus because his daughter was dead. Jesus responded to the ruler: “Be not afraid; only believe. When Jesus went with the ruler to his home where the child was, Jesus said that the child was not dead but asleep. The people responded by laughing.

Look how Jesus responded. He put all the people out. Then He took the child’s parents and went to where the child was lying. Jesus touched her and life came into her body. You can read more details about this story in Luke 8:40-42.

One very important lesson here is the importance of believing. The second lesson is ‘do not doubt.’ Jesus put all the doubters out of the house, and only the believers went in with Him. This is a great example of believing the ‘word’ and not looking at your circumstances or situation. Just believe what God’s word says. Do not go by what you see or what you hear. Just believe what God says. “He sent His word and it healed them,” Psalm 107:20.

Jesus healed many people (see Matthew and Mark). His fame spread over all parts of the country. Everywhere He went, people sought Him and He healed them all.

Jesus healed a man with an evil spirit in him by speaking to the spirit. He ordered the spirit to be quiet and to come out of the man. The spirit left (Luke 4:33-36).  Evil spirits are a part of God’s creation. They have influence among some who haven’t received Jesus as Lord and Savior. Jesus has destroyed their power over us. He has made us free from Satan’s treats forever.

Jesus healed a man who could not walk. The man had faith and he believed that Jesus could heal him (Matthew 9:1-2). Jesus healed two blind men. They too had faith in Jesus and he healed them (Matthew 9:27-31).

Matthew 9:35 states that Jesus went to every town and village healing people of various sicknesses and diseases. Jesus healed years ago, and He is still healing today. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). His healing power is available to everyone. There is healing available to you, too, in the name of Jesus.

Jesus healed many people by touching them. There was no spoken prayer in these healings. Touching still works today. Touching also releases the power of God to heal someone. Jesus healed because of His love for humanity. God’s love rises above feelings to become the most powerful healing energy in the universe. Just like the people of years ago, His energy of love flows out to you today as you touch Jesus with your heart’s cry. Receive your healing.