Mayor’s office releases final draft memorandum of understanding between Community Oversight Board, Metro Nashville Police Dept

(l-r) Deputy Chief Mike Hagar and Dr. Phyllis Hildreth.

Mayor John Cooper’s office has released a final draft of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the Community Oversight Board (COB) and the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD). The eight-page document describes how the COB and MNPD will cooperate in fulfilling the COB’s oversight function and comes after weeks of discussions between Dr. Phyllis Hildreth of the COB and Deputy Chief Mike Hagar of the MNPD, who have expressed their mutual support of the agreement. The draft MOU now goes to the COB Executive Committee and MNPD Chief Steve Anderson for review and approval.

The discussions were initiated by the Mayor’s Office to ensure procedural justice and fairness of process in preparing the MOU.

All meetings were facilitated by key administration officials, including Bob Cooper, Metro Law Director, and John Buntin, Director of Policy / Community Safety.

“I am grateful to both Dr. Hildreth and Deputy Chief Hagar for their dedication to this important MOU, and I want to convey the full support of my administration to both the letter and spirit of this agreement moving forward,” said Mayor Cooper.

“Cities fail when they don’t have support from the whole community. By reaching this final draft MOU, we’ve demonstrated what can be achieved when we come together to consider the priorities of all Nashvillians from vulnerable citizens and passionate advocates for change to those who diligently and honorably serve as our public safety professionals. This MOU represents another important milestone in our city’s enduring pursuit for a higher standard of accountability in government.”

The Mayor’s Office facilitated a total of seven meetings between the COB and MNPD to discuss the MOU beginning on November 18, 2019.

Deputy Chief Hagar, as the selected representative of Chief Anderson, and Dr. Hildreth, as the COB-designated representative, gave initial approval of the final draft MOU during a meeting held at the Mayor’s Office on December 30, 2019. The COB Executive Committee is expected to convene to vote on the final draft MOU on January 13. The Community Oversight Board will make its final determination on the MOU on January 22.