Calling things that are ‘not,’ as though they ‘are’

Calling things that are ‘not’ as though they ‘are’ is calling into existence things that do not exist. The words that you speak are more important to you than to anyone else, because they affect you more than they affect anyone else.

God created us with two ears, one on each side of our heads. We have an outer ear and also an inner ear, which is made up of bone structure inside our heads. The inner ear feeds our voice directly into the human spirit (our heart).

The words you speak affect your whole being. There is a connection between what we say and what happens to us in life. “You will have whatever you say, if you believe and do not doubt in your heart. If you believe what you say, it will come to pass,” Mark 9:23. Keep repeating God’s word, and as you speak your faith will grow.

Man’s heart is like a garden, which God has designed to produce whatever he needs. Our spirit inside of us is in contact with God’s spirit. The Holy Ghost enables the two spirits to get together to tap into the knowledge that God has provided. The Holy Spirit causes what we are confessing in our lives to come to pass.

When God created the world, He called into being things that were not as though they were. God said, “Let there be light” and light appeared. In John 5:8, Jesus used a similar example when He told the cripple man to take up his bed and walk. The individual was able to walk. Another story in Luke 6:10 describes the man with the withered hand. Jesus told him to stretch forth his hand. He acted on what Jesus said, and he too was healed.

In both of these stories, the individuals acted on what Jesus said. They did not go by what their bodies dictated to them. Jesus was calling things that did not exist into being as though they were. Jesus used this method often. He spoke to the wind and storms and commanded them to calm (Luke 4:35-40). Jesus called lepers clean in Luke 17:12.

You must speak what you want to exist, and believe what you say in order to have what you desire. What you say must be according to what God says in His Word. “The words that goes out from my mouth, it shall not return to me empty but it shall accomplish which I purpose and shall succeed in the things for which I sent it,” Isaiah 55:11.

Speak God’s words often and call into existence those things you want to see in your life. Speak healing scriptures over you or your loved ones and see God work in your situation.