Kudos to high profile African Americans leading by example

William T. Robinson, Jr.

We find many African Americans who are quick to look for the government or existing systemic institutions to be forthright in leading the fight to bring justice, equality and equity to African Americans. These American institutions and systems have a long history of denying Africans Americans social, political and economic opportunities necessary to promote upward mobility. Fortunately, we have a growing number of African Americans promoting Black upward mobility and building a Black economic base by leading by example.

When one honestly and realistically looks at the historic practices of excluding African Americans, it should be evident that those systems suppressing Blacks with built in mechanisms to discriminate are not going to be willing participants in helping to bring about sharing the wealth. If you look at the major ethnic groups (Hispanic, Asian, Japanese, and Chinese) in this country, they all have an economic base they use to help catapult those within their group.

I am referring to an economic base independent of the major financial institutions we as African Americans are so dependent and behooving to. That is why as African Americans we should be working together to build an economic base that will benefit us as African Americans in catching up and sharing the wealth and equally.

African Americans should literally praise, applaud and acknowledge other high-profile African Americans using their influence and wealth to promote the upward mobility of our race. These are individuals using their own personal wealth to uplift their people by establishing schools, contributing to HBCUs and contributing to scholarships that will allow young Black students to go to college and better themselves.

We have highly conscious African Americans becoming entrepreneurs and offering jobs to people of color who may have otherwise been overlooked by other industries. This includes luminaries like Oprah Winfrey in her generous contributions to HBCUs; Lebron James, offering a college free opportunity to his school’s graduates; Tyler Perry, by owning a studio that is pushing diversity in   offering jobs in all areas to people of color; and Robert Smith, by paying off the college debt for Morehouse students.

We have no shortage of Black entertainers, singers and sports figures contributing generously to causes helping uplift African Americans. These are the role models leading by example who are making a difference in being blessed and sharing their time and wealth to uplift their race and help those less fortunate.

Can you imagine if all multi-millionaire African Americans contributed to a pool (establishing a low interest bank) that could be used to help struggling Blacks in their pursuit of becoming financially stable? What if they created good paying jobs, helping Blacks buy homes and build businesses? What a difference it would make! It would catapult African Americans to an economic level comparable to their White counterparts.

We do have a growing number of high-profile wealthy Africans American pro athletes, CEOs, entertainers, rappers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and humanitarians publicly or secretly involved in investing in Black upward mobility. We have sororities, fraternities, social organizations and private benefactors granting scholarships as well as offering their time and energy to aid our Black youth in their pursuit of academic excellence to fulfill their dreams. These are our real heroes. When we unselfishly invest in your children and people, we all succeed.

Let’s make no mistake, lack of opportunity and availability have been detrimental factors in   keeping African Americans from obtaining their equal distribution of wealth in this country. We need to educate some of our young high profile Black multi-millionaires who spend their time in strip clubs making it rain, buying excessive jewelry and gold chains or buying numerous overpriced expensive cars to re-evaluate their priorities. If you are making so much money you don’t know what to do with it, invest in your people. Let that be your legacy to African Americans.

Once again, a much heartfelt thanks to those African Americans unapologetically investing in their people. Too many of you go unacknowledged in your contributions toward uplifting African Americans, but it is greatly appreciated.