Making the Covid-19 pandemic, a teachable moment

William T. Robinson, Jr.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we as a country even the world, should make this a teachable moment in hopes that the likes of this  disaster will never be as brutal and far reaching in the foreseeable future.  We have love ones dying and others being affected by this nefarious virus and we owe it to them that we’ll never be visited by such an vicious airborne biological threat without being prepared. Our way of life have been impaired and put on hold.

Our country prioritizes the Defense Department, not ever questioning the amount of money needed for protecting our country or even where it is coming from. We debate about cutting and budgeting federal programs  offering much needed aid to deserving  and hardworking Americans, but  never  questioning money for Nation Defense.

Common sense dictates that supporting research and preparing for possible pandemics should have been a top priority, especially viruses with the potential to decimate populations.  The  Covid -19 pandemic has  set the  global world  on alert  and should cause  us to seriously put other concerns aside, prioritizing  saving  populations.

Some would argue that this is not a time to be pointing fingers and looking for someone or group to blame, but some would argue otherwise.  If we had been doing our due diligence in holding the government responsible for our safety and welfare, we would be in a better position to  tackle this  pernicious  and  treacherous  threat.  We are so eager  to  spend  whatever amount of money it takes to kill our enemies but  how  much are we willing to pay to keep  our  citizens  alive,  safe from the threat of insidious, infectious, life threatening, menacing air borne agents from within.

Are we prioritizing the wrong things?  Shouldn’t  we be  trying to save lives instead of using the scare tactic of using National Defense  as a reason to  empty  untold  amounts of  money  in the name of  keeping us safe or  as they say National Security.  The American people are not  arguing  that we need to be safe from  attacks  from enemies,  especially on our soil,  but the same priority should be put on saving us from  diseases and illnesses within.  And if the truth be of any importance to some, all wars are not necessary.  Many wars are manufactured to make money by selling war equipment: guns tanks, airplanes etc. benefiting big corporations at the expense of American lives.

Oops did I open up a can of worms?

Many people  would be quick to argue that if we didn’t  have so many  elected   local, state and federal law makers  on the take,  representing  big  corporations who put profit ahead of the health of people and the environment, we would  be better prepared to handle  this  global  threat.  But if you notice we have those who say let’s not point fingers, let’s just get through this. “ Hell to the No,”  people are  dying and being affected and we  need to hold  those  accountable  for  looking the other way or it is apt to continue to happen in the future.

This Covid-19 pandemic must be a monumental learning and  teachable moment in history,  if not ,we will  all be complicit in our demise  for  not preparing and  demanding  better.  We must prioritize life, not death. We need to be leery of lawmakers rationalizing or finding excuses   not to prioritize research to avert another pandemic such as what we are experiencing.  There is no excuse, we should have been better prepared if we had learned from the previous past.

We  must  also be  cognizant in  making sure  programs  or corporations  ready to do research or prepare us for  another  viral  disaster  don’t  exploit the American people for exorbitant profits.  We must have someone or group to look after what is best for the American people, for so many of our elected officials are in the pockets of big corporations putting profits ahead of the safety and interest of the public.

Point fingers, hold people accountable, for the many deaths that could have possibly been avoided. Ask yourself, “Is this the time when we don’t hold our government accountable?”  People’s lives and the environment should take top precedence than favoring bills aiding in providing excessive profits to big corporations.

The Trump administration supported cutting the budget of the CDC (Control Disease Center) in Atlanta when it came to activities related to chronic infectious diseases, but it had yet to be passed by the 2020 Congress.  The public  as  a whole,  depend  on our lawmakers  to rely on  information from researchers, experts, and facts, not the subjective opinions of non believers in areas  dealing with our personal health and our  environment.

We seem to find a way to fund  programs  we  feel are important, let’s  prioritize  preparation and research needed to forgo  another attack  like the  Covid-19 virus  or  another  deadly infectious virus that is certain to  visit us  in the future.