Promises of God (part 1)

God’s promises are His words that are written in the Bible. God sent His word and He expects us to read and to believe the promises that are recorded in His word. Each promise has a fulfillment. It is fulfilled in God’ manner and in His timing.

God has promised to take care of our lives and make something beautiful out of us.

Be patient. We have to allow Him to do it His way, not our way. “He is the one who works all things together for our good,” Romans 8:28. Being patient will allow God to do things in His timing, not in your timing. We have to deny ourselves and wait on His leading. Many times, we are running ahead of God. We gripe and complain about even the smallest details. God says in 1 Thessalonians 5:8: in all things we are to give thanks.

Sometimes, we will take a promise from the word and believe what it says. But when situations in our lives are not good, we forget to do what the promise said. We are to be doers of the word at all times, not doers of ‘the world.’ It’s important to let Jesus be the master builder in all of the situations in our lives.

“We are to be like wise men that built his house upon a rock, not on sand, and when the storms of life came, it stood firm, because it was built upon a firm foundation,” Matthew 7:24-28. We must learn to endure through hardships. Through difficulty we learn valuable lessons that can help us avoid future mistakes.

God’s promises will accomplish what He sends them to do. His promises will not return to Him devoid of whatever it is to be; it shall be attained in its time (Isaiah 55: 8-11). The things God does in our lives will bring us blessings and also blessings to many others too. God has a reputation of not only saving one but also many in a single event. The life story of Joseph in Exodus 37-47 is a great example of how God saved Joseph life and many other lives. Joseph’s family and many people living in Egypt were saved. Many people came to Egypt to buy food when famine was everywhere over the world.

God’s promises keep us steady and keep us walking in the hope of His glory. When hard times come, it’s important to be prayed-up and armored-up in Jesus. No other name under heaven or earth will break through the barriers (sickness or adversity). Only God and the name of Jesus can break through any barrier. The name of Jesus will open doors that have been shut in your life. The name of Jesus will close doors that need to be closed and open doors that need to be opened for you.