Coronavirus social effect on America

The coronavirus has taken over the international and national markets by surprise. People are afraid to leave their homes due to the virus being highly contagious. The coronavirus has reached an all-time high in its death tolls. It has allowed people to focus on what is important in their lives, and has made even the toughest of people more humbled, personable and compassionate towards others.

The coronavirus has made a positive affect towards family lifestyles by allowing families an opportunity to create loving memories while staying safe at home. Due to the social economic affect that the coronavirus has on our economy, parents have taken the role of being schoolteachers to their children, allowing parents to have a more active role in teaching their children using various social media outlets. Due to being quarantined and staying safe at home, many people have learned to create their own small businesses utilizing a wealth of unbelievable talent from all across the world. With the thousands of small businesses popping up nationwide, Americans have made the slogan ‘Made In America’ a household name. Today, due to the coronavirus, many entertainers have learned the importance of appreciation of their fans. They depend on them to tune into concerts, events, festivals and other forms of enjoyable entertainment via Zoom, Facebook, Tic Toc, and You Tube.

The coronavirus has allowed us to see ourselves in a more direct and clear mirror. Being quarantined has humbled our state and local legislatures. The quarantine has affected our highest leaders and allowed them to create budgets and laws that may or may not have been in affect if it were not due to the virus. Even the wealthy have no control over the coronavirus. They have been quarantined too. Due to businesses and corporations being closed because of the virus, even the wealthy have suffered.

The coronavirus has left many Americans concerned about their future. However, it has created an awareness of how important we are to each other. Everyone has a purpose in life—from the janitor to the baker. It is very important for us to continue to take care of each other. Please continue to be safe, stay quarantined when you can, and continue to let your lives shine.

(Elizabeth Spicely is a special contributor to the Nashville PRIDE and the president/CEO of RF and Associates Creative Solutions. She can be reached at