Cancer — my journey in time

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

Local community leader, Rev. Enoch Fuzz, is currently being considered as a candidate to be one of the first to receive a cancer treatment drug that replaces the usual chemo treatments.

Rev. Fuzz was diagnosed with stage 4-lung cancer on May 4 of this year.  While he has been undergoing several tests, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the drug, Capmatinib, to be administered to accepted patients.  Capmatinib is a 400 mg tablet to be taken by mouth twice daily in lieu of treatments.

Just as he has always done, Rev. Fuzz maintains his relationship with the Metro Nashville General Hospital (MNGH). He also continues to abide by the Biblical scriptures that encourage help for “the least of these among us.” Friends, family and members under his pastoring at Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church instruct the reverend to “just take it easy and get well.”

“My life is important, but there are people who need my help because their life is important too,” said Fuzz. “I don’t need to get well. We need to make sure communities ‘get well’ by receiving what they need to eat and stay well, among other things.”

MNGH food pharmacy was open to the public inside the hospital in February of 2019. The food pharmacy was developed as a service to patients in the oncology department, among others. After a year of study from the oncology department, this assessment discovered three major needs to be necessary in the care of cancer patients: access to healthier foods, food sources and assistance in food purchase. Since that time, the need had extended to other patients upon discharge with other diseases.  Following the tornado, Vernon Rose, executive director of the General Hospital Foundation, made a call to Fuzz for help with getting food to those who were in need. The Metro West police department delivered 36,000+ meals! “I don’t know what we would’ve have done without his assistance in making those connections,” said Rose. “And we are still responding to these needs.”

Two hundred and fifty boxes of food, with a value of $50 per box, will be distributed to families in need each week. This is a service available to anyone who asks.

“Food deprivation is real,” said Fuzz. “Due to the tornadoes and Covid-19, the numbers have increased tremendously.” Fuzz said this is something that everyone can do. This food pharmacy is dedicated to assisting the public. “Having little children traumatized by going to bed hungry is not a good feeling for mothers and families. Every person is like a priceless pearl and must be taken care of.”

The uniqueness of this distribution is that the food pharmacy attends to the nutritionally appropriate foods to help manage health needs. Therefore, it is most helpful for monetary donations to be made to secure the needed fresh food and vegetables along with other items to be included in these care packages. The food will serve the number of people in each family for five days.

“As we are most grateful for Rev. Fuzz’s help, a funding is available in his honor,” said Rose. More information regarding funding is available at <>.

If you are in need of receiving food or would like to volunteer, email <>.