‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’
Why food? Don’t let an acute condition become chronic

Rev. Fuzz and Dr. Rachel Thomas stand in the forefront at the food drop.

Rev. Enoch Fuzz was on-site at OneNashville ‘Community Food Drop.’ On July 13, a truck loaded with boxes of food arrived at  Cumberland Center on 25th and Clarksville Highway. Fuzz briefly participated in the distribution of food boxes to several families.

While Rev. Fuzz remains very weak, fatigued and learning to change his habits of community activism, due to his illness, he also continues to be true to the cause of addressing the issue of food necessities and health. This is one of the prominent issues addressed through OneNashville.

“There are many people who need healthy food and food period,” he said.

“People appreciate this,” said Scott Wallace, one of the participants involved in food unloading and distribution. “I’m grateful for Rev. Fuzz, his doctor and OneNashville for providing the food this morning. This was something that was greatly needed in this community. People asked when it would be done again. It’s such a great need. I hope to participate again. Some people even jumped in to help.”

$120,000 worth of food was given away, from snacks for the children to other non-perishable items that were included in each package. Fuzz noted that the lack of good nutrition and other services are what keep many people from receiving the care they may need.

“Other pastors that maybe experienced acute symptoms of disease should visit General Hospital Clinic before it is chronic, like mine. While it may be chronic to me, it doesn’t have to be for everyone.  It’s important to go to General Hospital if you need assistance. Ask for Dr. Rachel Thomas.”

Fuzz explained that he was fortunate to have met Dr. Thomas when she became involved in One Nashville. Recognizing that he had something going on with his health that “wasn’t right,” she demanded that he come to the hospital. If he had continued to wait [on his Medicare to “kick in” in September of this year], he feels he would not have made it in time. Acute conditions prevalent in the community consist of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, hypertension, and kidney failure.

“These five things are number five in the country right here in the Nashville community,” Fuzz said. “Other people may not be that fortunate to have someone step into their life that way. The city needs to do a better job of getting the word out about coming to Nashville General,” he said in frustration. “It saves lives and millions of dollars. The food pharmacy seems to be doing more about the deprivation of foods and access to healthy food than any of the city’s other agencies. I may not live, but with the prayers and the new medication, I might.  That’s why I want my story written so that people may know how important catching those conditions before they become chronic is, and how it is important to have food to eat.”

Fuzz questions where much needed doctors are that could serve the communities. “Why are they not seeking out the care of people and making a difference?

Dr. Thomas is the only doctor who is an active participant with One Nashville and shows concern for families and individuals by using her resources to make things happen in the community.

“Let’s live this dream,” said Dr. Thomas.

People are encouraged to give monetary donations to One Nashville or to Corinthian MB Church, as they are one of the sponsors. This will make food drops possible more frequently. “We hope to have these community food drops at least two time each month,” said Dr. Thomas. “It was wonderful to see the community come out and receive all of the food. We have enough people of wealth to make this happen for people in our communities.”

Dr. Rachel Thomas is Rev. Fuzz’s doctor. She stands by him in this journey, every step of the way.

“Living the dream for me means I get to take care of my patients,” she said. “I have a beautiful family. I love the Lord, and I know where I’m going! What else can I ask for?”

Continue to pray and follow Rev. Enoch Fuzz’s journey, ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time.’